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  • Monster Collection

    If you're lucky you can find Rune of Darkness to spawn them, or if a lower level player spawns them.

    I don't think it's a 100% chance to collect Elite versions either so you're in a quite difficult spot.
  • In-game message spam. [POLL]

    Another idea is to throw those types of messages should be thrown into combat.

    I honestly believe that the chat needs to have more custom options to enable more user-customization and should be brought up more often and supported.
  • disable blaze wizards

    Disabling a class will only hinder legitimate players. Hackers will always goes to the next best thing.

    If Nexon wants to really hit hackers at the core, go after the distributors and permanently patch whatever is being exploited to hack in the first place. Going after each ringleader of bots is way too time consuming with all the investigative work, and as much as players continue to report said hackers Nexon has yet to make any noticeable actions to those cheaters in most cases.

    Sure it can't just change overnight but it's been well over months or years for any impact that dents hackers benefiting from exploits. Such an instance would be the recent removal of duplicated items since they have been in rotation that has already contaminated the economy. Removal of them is an obvious yes because it's simply a cheating advantage to distribute items gained from illicit means. But the fact it wasn't removed for such a long time tempts people from buying them due to their lack of removal until recently.

    Another are Blaze Wizards, Kinesis, and Blasters botting in Arcane River and Elites for Nodestones, Spell Traces, Clean Slates and more. Those items get bought on a daily basis and many suspicious shops still exist despite being reported on many occasions with lack of action. If there is any action there has been to little to be noticeable or too late after the cheaters have already reaped the rewards.

    At this point I may be just repeating like a broken record that many others have already said.
  • Can't use coin shop?

    I made a bug report on the issue and the VFMs took notice immediately:

    [FIXED] Override Shop cannot be accessed

    Are you in Scania as well?
    EDIT: The Override Coin Shop is now accessible again in Scania.
  • what to do if messo has no more value?

    zSeth wrote: »
    but the real reason why im now posing this here is actually becaue i wanted to buy a really good item from someone last week. and when i asked for his auto selling price. he said
    "that price not in messo" .... ...he is not even selling for the offical game currency. and i refuse to buy something with real money. not because its against the game terms but because it doesnt feel right to me. i may throw A LOOOOT of money at this game and i could get things 200 times cheaper if i would just use that money to pay directly for a item. but im not gonna do that. thats just so stupit. so as a conclusion : as a legit player im not capeable of buying the same stuff as other not as legit player can. ....
    (by the way he wanted me to add him in discord or skype which is the stupiest thing you can possible do: adding a randrom suspicious person. you get hacked in no time)

    Not because it is against the Terms of Service, but for moral reasons. People like you are really one of the rare true legitimate players of the game who follow rule line by line.

    Skype is also a pretty bad third-party messenger due to all the possible exploits which can get a user hacked and all sorts of bundles of horror that can really screw over a person.

    I honestly believe this web has yet to be crushed due to the lack of enforcement on this issue. It is a total loss to Nexon because they're not profiting from anything when a player sells to another player with real dollars, which many players have said in the past. Both these types of trades and hacking aren't undetectable either. There are many cues that can be seen in-game that can hint such a possibility which can put involving account(s) in jeopardy such as a permanent ban.

    Some people have the argument to throw out "oh if these people didn't exist the community will suffer". Not true at all. If these people were being punished, legitimate players will have the mesos value being higher and it'll be more easy to buy items in general. Some other items that might be hard to get that has a stock pile inflated by hackers can always have their rates adjusted accordingly so the economy can continue and thrive without cheaters influencing it.

    I still think it is important that we report all suspicious activity towards Nexon through the appropriate channels. But I also believe that Nexon needs to improve their methods in terms of detection (not necessarily auto-ban but a auto-flag system) where it can detect players committing acts against the Terms of Service even before anyone reports them due to that action.