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  • Avatar Stamp Trade Issue

    Bug type: NPC functionality

    Brief bug summary: When attempting to trade in an nx item that meets the requirements to the Avatar Stamp Trader, if it is at the bottom of the inventory when you're trying to trade the NPC will fail to trade and say "The duration for the selected item is less than 100 days".

    If you put the nx item that meets the requirements in the higher rows of the inventory you will successfully receive an Avatar Box Stamp.

    Date and time of incident: June 28th, 2017 @ 6:08 PM EDT
    Here is a video of the bug being reported and a workaround for this bug:
  • AND here we go again

    Nishijima wrote: »
    If we don't get compensation for having three practically consecutive unscheduled maintenances in a row, i'll be very surprised and somewhat upset.

    At the same time, though, all I want is to just play the game peacefully.

    The compensation is never worth it, so look forward to your 15 min 2x xp coupons that expire in 16 minutes

    That moment when they give Power Elixirs as compensation again.
  • Ideas/ Suggestion for future update and new char

    Roni777 wrote: »
    I heard about maple system that is not possible to go over lv 250 because of coding or integer stuff. And also because the numbers of exp have reached billions of numbers. But I have been thinking a very great system that might work. Here is my suggestion.

    1. Basically maple now have a lot of class. So there will be a new very strong class that will be unlocked once someone has certain combination chars to level 250. Example Demon slayer lv 250 and Demon avenger lv 250 will unlock new demon class. Or all level 250 cygnus will unlock 1 new super strong Cygnus class. The new class will start from level 1 but have a very strong skills.

    2. Introducing new exp term for levelling up. So after any class reach level 250, they can create the same class but start from level 1 with different skills but a stronger one (from here I will named this stronger class as “Awaken class”). It has a stronger skills and stronger stats.

    This awaken class will not using “Experience” term anymore to level up, but a different one. You can change the name to “Awaken orb”, “Experience force”, or “Experience orb”, or any name you want. It basically serve the same purpose as the current experience we use to level up, but it is different. Lets say we named it “ Awaken orb”, all of the old map monsters will not give any awaken orb.

    Maple will release new maps that all the monsters will give Awaken orb. All of the old maps, will only give the normal “experience”, but not giving Awaken orb. So the new awaken class class will not be able to level up from the old maps. They have to grind on the new map that will give them awaken orb to level up. You can start the numbers like 100 awaken orb to level up from level 1 to level 2. Similar to how the old experience work, but with different name and it is not clashing with the old term "experience" we use to level up the old class.

    Awaken class can still go to old map to kill the monsters in the old map. Pick up mesos or item drops. Killing bosses and stuff. But they can’t level up there coz the old map doesn’t give awaken orb because that is what needed to level up awaken class. Or if you want a combination, you can make the monsters and bosses in old map also give both experience and Awaken orb.

    So awaken class can also get Awaken orb from there, but the “experience” will do nothing to them. Though the old maps shouldn’t give too much awaken orb so that players will be encouraged to grind more on new maps, thus they can still grind on old maps if you want. In the future you can also implant a very strong bosses on the old maps which are not possible to defeat with old normal class, but have to gather a lot of awaken class to defeat it. So if player want to defeat it, they will start over playing a new awaken class and get it strong enough to defeat the new strong bosses. In short this will reduce the amount of numbers piling up on experience thus make the system more simple.

    3. This system can also be made to the mesos. You can introduce new currency on the new maps which can be used on the new maps to buy items or even equips in there. The equips in there is stronger than the regular equips.

    If this system can be implemented Maplestory will surely become more interesting. Wish GM all the best.

    Organization would be a lot nicer so people can actually read chunks instead a giant wall of text. There's a more readable quote in my spoiler, use this as reference.

    1. First off. I do not think a rebirth type of class will benefit the current game. Most people cannot even reach Level 250, that comes even before a combination of Level 250 characters. A strong character with a level requirement before you can make it such as Ultimate Adventurer has retired and Zero who has been nerfed significantly.

    In terms of integers, the maximum signed value that was well known in the past for max mesos was 2,147,483,647 (two billion, one hundred and forty-seven million, four hundred and eighty-three thousand, six hundred and forty-seven).

    However, the EXP required from Level 200 to 201 is around 2.2 billion, and the EXP required from Level 249 to 250 is around 650 billion.

    I can safely say that we're probably using a data type that can store more numbers. It is most likely a signed long integer that can store 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 (nine quintillion two hundred twenty-three quadrillion three hundred seventy-two trillion thirty-six billion eight hundred fifty-four million seven hundred seventy-five thousand eight hundred seven). It's a mouthful, I know.

    We're more likely to get higher level end-game content as seen with the recent expansion of Arcane River. That makes the entire rebirth system flawed as the level cap will continue to increase. That doesn't even get into how overpowered a rebirth character can actually be.

    2. The "Awaken class" sounds a lot like the current Symbols that we have in Arcane River, except that we don't need to restart at Level 1. Again, there's not that much benefit of any type of "rebirth" system. Adding in with the previous said above I don't think I need to mention more.

    3. Unnecessary. Making a whole new currency for the "Awaken class" will just cause a whole lot of confusion. We've got many bosses with all sorts of exchange systems, that's for sure. But I don't think we should introduce a new currency, it's just unnecessary.

    I honestly believe there was a lack of thought in-towards making this suggestion. It seems a lot like you're trying to implement a Private Server's rebirth system and currency system into the official live game without knowing what we already have. In-fact I see no reason why we need it.

    Notice-to-moderators: If I read the rules correctly, I am allowed to mention the existence of private servers and possible functions. However, mentioning names are not permitted on the forums.

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    where'd this info come from?

    This information for the Shimada Heart rework reducing it's effect from 99,999 -> 9,999 came from the June 16th, 2017 live stream.
  • How long will the pet boost pack be on sale?

    June 14 to June 21.

    Source: [Updated] Cash Shop Update for June 14