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  • How much % Drop Rate should i get on my gear?

    Nexon: Hey more and more people are quitting Maplestory lets implement a drop rate nerf that will bring people back... right?

    MapleStory is striving more in Korea than it is in North America, but Korea has less opportunities than us in many ways possible.

    Most of these changes are in order to slow down in gobbling up content faster than the publishers can produce it. Besides the formula change it mainly impacts drop rate equipment and beyond (pun not intended) that penalizes nodestones, symbols and certain items, quest items, and event items.

    Source: https://orangemushroom.net/2017/03/29/kms-ver-1-2-275-game-related-changes-colourful-maple/

    The only thing I worry about the most if the drop rate impacts more people on the top as opposed to the bottom of the player-base. Because if it affects the players at the bottom as opposed to the top, we already know that at this rate, no one at the bottom will be able to catch up.

    Just look at upgrading, potentials, nebulites, boss souls, bonus potential, star force, etc. The gaps are huge and the type of content being released doesn't help. Forget about Lucid altogether, how many of the active players (not hackers) can kill monsters in Arcane River alone?

    The fact that they nerfed Vanishing Journey in KMS clearly shows that the content was way too difficult.
  • how do you win in omok?

    Omok requires exactly 5 pieces to be lined up in order to win. No more or less.
  • New Server during Override update?

    Spdz wrote: »
    If it's not Reboot for Europe, I find that pointless. There's too many servers that are empty or not even at full capacity. Adding on that some servers have stability issues time to time. It wouldn't be a smart move.

    So your saying it's likely they would implement another reboot server?

    Yes. Reboot EU shows a lot of promise because there has been a demand for it. If you've seen Reboot NA it has been a HUGE success in being one of the top servers for it's uniqueness and more play-to-win as opposed to pay-to-win.

    The chances of the resources to be used for Reboot EU is quite high and the chances of it being successful are higher. Most of the Non-Reboot servers are either at average or low capacity which can definitely use more people. So it wouldn't make sense to add a Non-Reboot server to North America or Europe.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    WatcherCCG wrote: »
    If you're still willing, can you show me which part you're stuck on?

    It's the very first laser conveyor belt on B4. I've finally figured out the pixel-perfect timing for the lasers, but the moment Aster touches the track, she becomes completely unresponsive as if her link was broken. Can't even teleport her.

    I believe I encountered this problem before. I think the main issue was not putting Aster on standby (if you do, she'll glitch out), and just throw her a bit ahead of the track, and . It was one of the problems that almost make me want to smash my keyboard (I didn't because if I did, I would have to replace it with my own money).

    Not sure if videos help at this point, but I'll drop it here (this isn't my game-play) which happens in 2:15 in the video:

    Or, you can simply teleport her (again, not my game-play) which happens in 2:15 in the video:
  • Is there some hack going on with the re:zero box?

    IHadTo wrote: »
    Is this going to get addressed?
    EDIT: I stopped playing outside of daily bosses and ursus for fear of a r-word.

    Not sure if it'll be addressed because legitimate players can't abuse this. However trades can contain illegitimate gains, so try to hold off on that.
    They haven't used the r-word in a long time. It should be safe to continue playing without worrying about progress being all for nothing.

    I highly doubt that this degree of abuse would go unnoticed.