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  • Hitting Cygnus casting Reflect kills party member

    Bug type: Monster, Skill

    Brief bug summary: When attacking Cygnus during the cast animation of damage reflect, a party member dies.

    More details:
    Where there are two players A and B.
    Cygnus casting damage reflect
    Player A attacks during damage reflect cast.
    Player B dies from Player A's attack.

    Neither player is suppose to die during the initial casting of damage reflection.
  • Anyone else think this was a bad anime event?

    Yes awful I don't even understand how I've died ... I've been doing it on 3 worlds it just seems random?

    Here, I'll explain the two reasons why you may have died.

    There are only 2 paths that you can take so you don't die at the end of Day 4:
    Path 1
    • Preparation of Meal
    • Bathroom Cleaning
    • Organization of Books
    • Shopping
    • Search for Insignia

    Path 2
    • Shopping
    • Bathroom Cleaning
    • Organization of Books
    • Preparation of Meal
    • Search for Insignia

    In each quest there are death flags.

    There are Death Flags for touching maps objects.
    Preparation of Meal: Avoid weapon rack on right side.

    Bathroom Cleaning: Avoid faucets on right side.

    Organization of Books: Avoid piles of books stacked up to 3. The easiest way to finish the quest though it probably just staying in the portals in the middle of the map and using AOE skills.

    Other missions have death flags based on your decision. Here's how to avoid them.
    Shopping: Lith Harbor > Henesys > Perion > Ellinia > Kerning City. The importance is that you grocery shop in Kerning City last.

    Search for Insignia: After finding the Insignia, during the conversation with Emilia choose the good-guy answer, "Set aside your business and help".

    Source: r/MapleStory : We Should Make A Re:Zero Quest Guide.
  • Ditch the Forums, Update Ticket System

    Uzume wrote: »
    The forums offer up lots of good criticism and when Nexon does follow the criticism, it improves the game and everyone is happy. Communication with the company like this is grand, and lets the community come together to share their ideas and experiences and even just interact with each other casually.
    It also allows the company to see how many people care about a certain thing. I could write more but eh...

    Overall, removing the forums would be a big misstep. Sure, there's a lot of needless complaining but removing everything, even the good criticism, is not a solution. It's just creating another problem.

    (By the way, the Community Manager, the person who rules over these forums, does not need to answer tickets and fix issues. Their job is to relay information from community outlets to the higher ups. It is quite literally their job to "respond to poorly put-together demands.")

    This is pretty much agreeable. One of my problems is that higher-ups never get back to us about ideas relayed and it seems that those suggestions or bugs are trapped within an endless loop or discarded without noticed.

    I would love that communications be strengthened between community and company. Many great things can become a reality, but without the lack of co-operation is where we are right now.

    Many players are enraged for so many underhanded ninja changes that we never agreed to, or beyond the point of too broken to absolute trash. Along with real problems almost never being resolved.

    It has been echoed out so many times as a broken record from multiple forum members. From the recently freshly locked threads I can only assume that the Community Manager cannot take criticism. No warnings, just immediate thread lock without anyone able to respond to an official reply. It's like being the last post for a "last post wins thread" then locking it. I consider that cheating and unfair, and a false sense of resolution.

    In the past we've been through worse but there was proper criticism and being closely watched by moderators. Now if you take a single shot at a certain individual or group based on their ideas and thoughts it's an immediate thread lock.
  • Ladders missing in some maps since v.183

    Antroxious wrote: »
    Some maps in Future Hen as well. It's in a lot of maps.

    Yes, this includes:
    - Ravaged Forest: Hill North of Henesys Ruins
    - Singing Mushroom Forest Ruins: Dark Spore Hill
    - Singing Mushroom Forest Ruins: Creepy Humming Forest Trail
  • Buff dual blade speed attack

    inukiroya wrote: »
    Idc about dmg, just attack speed because speed is my favorite thing.

    That's not going to buy it, sorry.