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  • Merging of non-Reboot servers

    This again? Why?

    You've already suggested this before, and many chimed in with their own opinions. Did you read any of them before you posted this?

    I personally do not want such a merge. Populated and non-populated servers each have their pros and cons; to try and suggest such a merge would be unfair to those who prefer low populated worlds, and to try to once again "speak" for them on their behalf is something else entirely.
    If this were to go through, where would those players go? Would you like them to quit, or would you instead want them to "receive a suboptimal gaming experience" as they play in their new cramped world?

    Why, exactly, do you want a unified merge that much?
  • Look of the Month - Halloween Special!

    Image: Ju268ls.jpg
    Cropped Image For Visibility:

    IGN: Syndraco

    World: Luna

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • PSY Sunglasses
    • Rex's Red Earrings
    • Ink-and-Wash Painting Name Tag Ring
    • Ink-and-Wash Thought Bubble Ring
    • Dark Seraphim
    • Bunny Top Hat
    • Kerning Engineering School Uniform
    • Umbral Boots
    • Nero Gloves
    • Hazy Night Tassel
    • (Dark Onmyouji Effect)

    What horrifying or Halloween look were you going for (theme):

    With my weapon of choice in hand, the fabled Dark Seraphim, I scour the city of Magatia with glee; I will discover my next target, that poor, innocent soul - they will not make it through the night, sadly...
    My skull-shaped earrings, stained with my victims' blood, emit the most crimson glow; they really contrast well with my pitch-dark clothes, which I adore and love quite so...
    The Umbral Boots I wear, made for stomping on enemies, give me that characteristic tread; they do not slow me down, however, or surely my prey could have escaped and fled...
    My silk Bunny Top Hat gave me the look of a lovely, kind gentleman, to the people who did not know; keep trusting me, and keep getting fooled - let my victim count grow and grow...
    That grim symbol hovering behind me, the Dark Onmyouji, easily makes anybody terrified; the only thing they can do is pray and pray, as I commit more acts of homicide...
    These Sunglasses I wear, which complete my look, conceal my emotions quite well; they struck fear into the hearts of my prey, and were definitely their death knell...

    Magatia, be aware of me, the callous, unforgivable sinner! Spread all of my horrible acts to those you know!
    I dare anyone to stop my wretched reign, from the best of Maple World to the naïve Beginner!

    ~The Blond-Haired Menace, Syndraco

    Edit: Added a cropped image for visibility reasons, below the full size image.

  • Character Class Contest

    I love this idea for a class creation contest. With this, you'd be able to see other people's imaginations and choices within their created class, as well as hopefully some justification behind their class's skills, abilities and any unique mechanics as a sort of "check", which would hopefully see if they actually put a lot of thought behind their decisions for their class. There may be slight problems with the other Maplestory regions if the same event were to run in multiple ones, as was brought up by Atlandia, yet I do hope Nexon would be able to find a way to sort out any issues in order to please their players. If this event were to come out, I look forward to seeing a great deal of variation in the different classes, considering the multitude of ideas out there, yet repeated suggestions for a new favoured class would equally suffice. If only Nexon would listen though...
  • Look of the Month Contest April.


    IGN: Synaura

    World: Luna

    Description: My character is wearing:
    • An Ink-and-Wash Thought Bubble Ring
    • An Ink-and-Wash Painting Name Tag Ring
    • A Sweetwater Sword (its look was anvilled onto an all-class Blazing Sword)
    • A Cross Wing Hair Pin
    • A Sweetwater Tattoo
    • A pair of Traveler's Wing Glasses
    • An Umbral Attire
    • A pair of Umbral Boots
    • A Will o' the Wisps earring
    • A pair of Nero Gloves
    • A Light of Azwan medal
    • A Force Shield of Extremes (its look was anvilled onto a VIP Magician Shield)
    • A pair of New Veamoth Wings

    I was aiming for a Gothic take on a Fallen Angel when designing my Battle Mage, due to how the class's skills, colour scheme and overall appearance give off an aura of darkness and death; Condemnation, Dark Genesis, and Aura Scythe are the perfect examples to showcase in relation to this idea. Due to this, I settled on a design that would feature a lot of black, since black is often seen as the colour of such themes. I personally feel that the slight addition of yellow, white and blue complements the large amount of black present in the look rather beautifully, and add a splash of colour to what would otherwise be an achromatic design. These considerations have all been taken into account to create, what I feel is, a minimalistic look that keeps with the desired appearance and is quite pleasing to the eye.