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People I depend on the forums for Information: Update 11/17/18 ChroniusNightmare Spuddy Deadling YinYangX (sometimes get stuff wrong. Depend with caution. XD)


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April 4, 1986
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Crazy types are funner than you think. Befriend them quickly!
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Even though I don't show it! I've been a mapler since Khaini was the last server on maplestory. Yes, I am that old. In game now, the family name of my characters go by the last name "Tovaki". However, do not be fooled because I am a female you know, but I hate female armor in this game. I am usually a warrior/pirate type, and I am usually in the mood to complete my codex book. I've been away from this game for so long... I am practically a newbie. Anyway, It's nice to meet you all!
  • Scattered Determination Guide (WIP)

    I see. I'll give you the link soon. I can't do it now because I am packing up to go to my sisters place and the computer will be down til I put it back up. I will give you a link to the determination guide someone made in video form.

    Sorry, I was unsuccessful to find a capable candidate for that test. I've been trying to figure out for days, but most buddies are newbies and know nothing about this event. Chrono was my hope for this test, but had not returned since.
  • Scattered Determination Guide (WIP)

    YinYangX wrote: »
    Only pointing out bad stuff cause they should be changed, so take it how you will.

    1. "4." should be "You max out daily determination." Dying moves you to another map which is a repeat of "3."
    2. Don't really see why you should hotkey something you'll only use like once every 7m (or maybe I'm just slow at clearing the minigame), especially for people who have a lot of skill/item hotkeys.
    3. (more English nitpicking than guide nitpicking) "The game will ..... number of fragments ..... The game will ...... number of fragments..." Basically repeating the same formatted sentence twice.
    4. Last I checked, the Determination Gauge isn't shared between characters and pretty sure Alliance Medals and most of the items in the shop are untradeable, so don't see any point in why you'd do this on a class/character that isn't your main.
    5. Don't really see a potential "advantage" to using a Bounty/Inferno portal in the middle of the minigame, but considering it's Maple Relay, Inferno/Bounty > Determination Ember since you can pick when to do the minigame vs you can't pick when to Inferno/Bounty. If you're talking about the hidden portals some map have for movement, that should go under "4 Knowing your Map-", imo.
    6. Last I checked, in relation to Determination gathering, don't think a Star map is any different from a normal map?

    Nah! I trust you! Besides, I do want to get better at this. It's been a long time since I've done a guide for anything really. Some changes I have to wait til after work.

    1. I see! I'll make the adjustment! (Change 4 to You max out daily determination.)
    2. Well, everyone has their own play style. To be honest, I am not the first to suggest this. However, when I was in the game, it's a hassle to double click the ember (At least for my pirate character. If I was on my paladin, I probably won't have any problems with it's ability). That's why I offer 2 methods. My skills only takes up only half the keyboard. To me, Right side is expendable.
    3. May you clarify which area of the guide is repeating? Some repeats are there for people who skip a section of the guide. However, there are over repeats that were overlooked during checking. Edit 2: Wait, I see it now! I had to read slower.
    4. That is actually up to a person's discretion and/or style of play. I don't have a main character. That's not my play style. I like to switch things up. I have captains, providers, hunters, quest dedicated, storage, and gatherers. I don't do main and subs. Hadn't done it before and not changing my style now. However, it is nice to know that the determination gauge isn't shared. I don't think I mentioned it at all in the guide since I only have the pirate doing it. I'll mention it in the knowing your character section. It's good for anyone to know.
    5. Relay boxes! I find some useful. Especially, I can't argue about free stuff for my effort. You can always reactivate the mini game again anytime. I wish I can summon portals at will. XD I take my chances anyway. I still make my goal regardless. :)
    6. Weird, I thought I removed that section. This was only for the case of hackers. For example, I did have a hacker tailing me in the Lion Theme Dungeon. She was attacking all the enemies on the map, but not kill them (She moved just like the kanna hackers). She did this multiple times, that I forced stop the game. If I continued, it would look like I was letting the hacker assist or help me. And I already heard many had issues with being falsely banned here because of hacker involvement in some way. I was able to get her off my back when I went into a star map, but this section was removed. A hacker can get star armor and weapons as well. I just had a lucky case.
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    I heard from Kobe as well, in Matt's stream the other night, that daily determination is capped at 50k once tenebris or whatever comes out

    He's absolutely right. You can verify that on the event page on the site.

    By the way, I saw on other videos that people could turn in their determination to the statue already, but I still can't turn in mine to the statue goddess. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  • Scattered Determination Guide (WIP)



    1 Quest Simplified
    2 The Mini Game in Detail
    3 Knowing your Character
    4 Knowing your Map
    a. Types of Maps
    b. Obstructive Maps
    c. Spawn Rate
    5 Ember Placements
    6 Tips and Tricks
    7 Credit

    End Statement

    Hello! I am LHT! This is my first time making a guide. There’s not much to know about me. Just trying something different in hopes to help those who had issues with this quest. Believe me! I had fun messing up a lot. If you would like to share some information or correct something, feel free to comment. However, any major changes must be tested in the game before adding it to the guide. Private Message for a test run! Overall, Enjoy!

    11/20/18 – Posted Guide!
    11/21/18- Corrected and Added information to guide section from peers. Using text formats on guide for easier reading. Changing image hosting.


    1 Quest Simplified-

    Here’s what you’re doing:

    Before you get started, you need to pick up your Determination Ember.

    There are 2 ways to do this:

    1. Head to the outpost and talk to the NPC

    2. Click on your alliance emblem and talk to the NPC from there (HIGHLY RECOMMECDED).

    Once you get your determination ember, you need to place it on a map with monster that are
    LV. 20> Current LV. > LV. 20. Example: Current Lv 60 = Monster Lv 40-80 range.
    NOTE: The determination ember can never be placed on a map that is outside your range. There are some maps that will not allow the determination ember regardless if the monsters are in your level range. Avoid those maps. I only found one in a theme dungeon.

    When the ember is placed, a mini game will start. The ember will give you 10 rounds to complete. Each round asks you a certain number of fragments.

    You will be rewarded determination for every round you complete. The game will stop under 4 conditions:
    1. Complete the mini game
    2. The mini game timer runs out
    3. You go to another map/portal. For example: inferno wolf, etc.
    4. Reach Max Determination Limit


    2 The Mini Game in Detail-

    Now, that you know what to do, let’s talk about the mini-game!

    The determination ember can be put down two different ways:

    1. Double clicking the ember in your inventory

    2. Using the hot key (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    A box will pop up for you to verify your ember placement.

    When the game starts you will see 2 timers:

    1. The time limit of the mini-game: 10 minutes

    2. The time of the fragment request: 2 minutes

    The game will request a certain number of fragments for each round: Blue Fragments, Green Fragments, and Red Fragments (Max fragments of one color: 5). You do not have to complete them in order. When you see that all fragments are “Clear”, you are DONE! Keep in mind these fragments will not stack to the next request. So, Don’t OVER PICK UP!

    BEWARE: If you allow the timer to run out, it will randomly pick another quest for you. And it may be better or worse. Furthermore, all the fragments you gained will be lost. This also makes it harder to complete all 10 rounds.
    So, in other words, Don’t Let the Timer Run Out!

    You must return back to the determination ember to complete the request. It will do an attack on monsters close by and reward you with determination. It sometimes makes your next request easier.


    3 Knowing your Character Class-

    Knowing your characters strength and weaknesses will determine your success. Try different classes and see. I do not have any recommendations.
    However, according to Yinyangx and Arkadian, "Determination Gauge is not shared between characters." So, as long as they hit level 61+, the character is qualified to gather determination. This is the best way to test your character's speed in completing the mini game.

    4 Knowing your Map-

    a. Types of Maps
    I am only focusing on 2 types of maps:

    Regular=You can spend an unlimited of time on! (Highly Recommended only by Lv 20/20 Rule)

    Timed=A timer is set on the map. It will kick you off when the timer ends. (Not Recommended)

    b. Obstructive Maps
    These are maps with obstacles that block your view in some way

    Low= I highly recommended these maps because you can see everything that falls!

    Medium-High= Use these maps with Caution! They usually move out of the way when the character moves. However, things can be hidden behind stagnant obstacles that can delay a player’s progress.

    c. Spawning Rate
    I’ll leave this section up to you and your character. I have no recommendation because you can succeed and fail in fast or slow spawning conditions.


    5 Ember Placements- (WIP)


    6 Tips and Tricks-

    -Using a Pet may hurt you more than help you in this case. Remember! Fragments do not stack if you pick them up because they do not show up in your inventory. The fragments only exist while the mini game is in progress. Furthermore, any extra fragments picked up will not be used for the next requests.

    -Some maps have secret portals. You can use these to your advantage in the mini-game.

    - You can party with someone on an Ember. However, only the person who put the ember down will benefit from the determination. So, I strongly advise taking turns with placing embers on gathering determination.

    - If you want to stop the mini game for any reason, you can walk out the map and go back in. You will receive a message indicating that the game has stopped. However, there is a 5 minute cool time to place the determination ember again.

    -Elite mobs and some boss monsters will block or knock you away from the ember. When this comes up, try to get them away from the ember. Fighting back takes up too much time. Knock back skills may help.

    -Do not leave a rune on the map for too long. It will effect the drop rate of fragments if left unattended.

    -Do not use your determination ember if a hacker is nearby and/or on the map. You’ll regret it!

    -Do Not QUIT! There is no excuse. I’ve failed many times, but you will still be rewarded for trying. You will gain nothing for giving up.


    7 Credit-
    A section for people who shared their knowledge about this quest. Furthermore, it has been verified through tests before adding it to the guide. Thank you so much!

    YinYangx (Grammar Correction and Information)
    Akradin (Image Site and Information)
    Frogdus (Party Tester on Ember)

    Ending Statement:
    Well, I hope this helped you out. There is still some unexplained stuff about this quest. However, I am still testing. I hope you have a wonderful Day!

    LHT OUT!
  • Elite bosses

    HousePet wrote: »
    Yeah I haven't seen an elite boss yet.
    I was either levelling too fast to remain in the map long enough to get to 20, or I was switching channel whenever a red tier one spawned after they become too dangerous to fight.

    So whenever I see an event expecting me to defeat one, I just shrug and note that that event as not going to get anywhere for me.

    I wouldn't say that. One day, you might sit in your chair and say, "I want my butt handed to me on a silver platter today." And start elite boss hunting. I do it once and a while. It's actually fun when you have other people pitch in. Now, I do have to agree with someone that they show up less than before. I've been playing on the same map most of the day, and I hadn't seen one yet. But, I still desire my butt on a silver platter, so I keep going. XD
  • I just came back to maple and want friends

    Welcome back! Sorry! I am not from windia or bera, but I am happy to see you here! It seems like a good amount of people are returning to maplestory regardless of the low amount of new peeps!