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April 4, 1986
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Crazy types are funner than you think. Befriend them quickly!
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Even though I don't show it! I've been a mapler since Khaini was the last server on maplestory. Yes, I am that old. In game now, the family name of my characters go by the last name "Tovaki". However, do not be fooled because I am a female you know, but I hate female armor in this game. I am usually a warrior/pirate type, and I am usually in the mood to complete my codex book. I've been away from this game for so long... I am practically a newbie. Anyway, It's nice to meet you all!
  • Recently started playing. Chose Cadena. Any tips??

    Yang? Mira? You two are not fighting are you? The original poster hasn't even responded yet. Both of you had interesting information to share. No ones word is less valuable than the other. I am sure both of you guys experience level and knowledge there of is good enough. You guys can take it easy. There's no need to add fuel to the flame.
  • Just Curious ....

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Maplestory 2 is a brand new game. (For the west). You shouldn't be comparing a game that has been running for over 10 years to a game that has barely been running a single month.
    Part of the reason it has no issues is because it's too young to really have any. (Aside from a possible bad launch or game design. Which I don't think it suffers from either.)
    Look at how popular Maplestory was when it launched. Compare THAT to Maplestory 2.
    Maplestory 2 will die down, just like every other MMO always does. The question is, can it maintain like Maplestory has been able to?
    Ultimately the two games shouldn't be compared at all, because they're nothing alike, other than Maplestory 2 borrowing some aspects from the original game.

    No need to convince me buttercup! I am aware that comparing an old to a new game is unfair, but people will do it anyway. We are aware this game is around for 10 years, but a newbie wouldn't even care about that.

    Of course, we know how popular maplestory 1 was. When I was there back than, it was massive. Not even maple story 2 can't possibly compare, but that's not what a new person looks at. Yeah, It probably will. But they are going to compare it regardless of an experienced players knowledge. To be honest, It's nice that maplestory 2 is not an exact copy. (To be honest, I saw a minecraft cop off at first when I saw it) LOEL! comparison XD. I think it's human nature to compare things. To be fair, there is a double sword to trying to convince someone to play. You can tell a newbie "You shouldn't compare maplestory 1 and 2." Could be seen in both negative and positive if not treated correctly. In the end, you might come off as.... "OLD".... XD
  • Nanowrino-Maplestory Fanfiction Stories

    I see how about this. I'll share you a bit of my story, and you guys share a bit of yours. That's way it follows the rule of equivalents in exchange.

    Maplestory! Where everyone started their fateful journey on Maple Island. Maplestory! A world filled with action, adventure, and rewards that could satisfy even the simplest explorer with riches and fame. The tales could go on about this place from fighting monsters to the death to helping people out in town. But, what was Maplestory? Was it a place to simply fight and go around finding your next adventure. Sadly, that was not my case.

    According to legend, every explorer was brought into this world by one tree. That tree was not an ordinary maple tree. Of course, the leaves on that tree was red, but it had a weird glow? Whenever a red leaf falls to the ground, a young human magically materialized from that very leaf and opened their eyes to the new word before them. This sounded like a silly legend right? Well, I thought the same thing to, but it was not the case when my leaf fell down on that very ground, and I appeared. Yeah, it was red all right, maybe glowing, but there were a few brown or black spots on it. It was not the most perfect leaf in the world. Oh no! If anything, you could assume the leaf was sick or probably a bad leaf that probably should be burned. Well, they were probably right about one of those two things, but they had their chance to do so.  

    However, my leaf fell down on that soft warm grass, and I materialized with an eerie glow. I opened my eyes and looked at the world before me for the first time. I looked to the side of me and noticed a glowing leaf fell to the ground. It materialized another person next to me. Her leaf however didn't have any spots or imperfections. She opened her eyes and twirled around for she was excited to see the world for the very first time. Then when her eyes finally looked at me, her happy smile turned into a frown. Her pale blue eyes had the look of disgust and turned to reveal her flowing red hair. I don't know what I did wrong. I came down the same just like any other character would. However, she moved on ahead not saying a word beyond the shade of the tree and disappeared. I tried to shrug it off, but it started to nag at me a bit. I didn't understand what I did that cause someone to dislike me at first glance. I materialized just like she did. 

    But, I noticed that I looked at everyone else but myself since I entered this strange world. As I looked at my own arm, I was of course not in the same glow as she was. However, I was actually dark brown from my fingers to my toes.  I stepped outside the shade of the tree and sighed. I took another look at myself and I finally saw what I was wearing. I was suddenly wearing a simple gray shirt, blue shorts that were above my knee caps, and some sandals that were every loose on my feet. At that moment, I had to sigh a bit, and I felt dread hanging over me when I looked behind me and saw more leaves fall down on that very ground. Their reaction was just like the last girl when they saw me as I passed by. At that moment, I had to confirm that I am not going to be well liked here for some reason. With that in mind, I decided to go ahead to the next area. 

    I gathered around with the other humans as there was a taller human on a floating rock with a white armor on, a red skirt, and shoulder pads made out of metal over both of her shoulders. She was talking to everyone who came by. But, when they were done talking to her, I noticed the humans disappeared without a trace. I gave a long sigh as I approached this girl on the rock, her pig tails were bound by two large red bows. I didn't look at her at first. I assumed she would treat me like anyone else that came to this world. When I approached her, I had my head down. But, I could hear her say,

    (Okay now someone share a passage of their story. And let me know where I can find it too like deviant or fanfiction.net

  • What’s your favorite jobs you like to played as?

    I go in this order Warrior, Pirate, Archer, Mage, Thief. I am the worst as a thief
  • Practically a Nooblet! XD