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April 4, 1986
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Crazy types are funner than you think. Befriend them quickly!
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Even though I don't show it! I've been a mapler since Khaini was the last server on maplestory. Yes, I am that old. In game now, the family name of my characters go by the last name "Tovaki". However, do not be fooled because I am a female you know, but I hate female armor in this game. I am usually a warrior/pirate type, and I am usually in the mood to complete my codex book. I've been away from this game for so long... I am practically a newbie. Anyway, It's nice to meet you all!
  • Is it worth coming back after 2 years?

    As far as I played in a week, I am actually enjoying myself. They did some major improvements as far as I can see. I mean it still need some hacking tweaked less, but the events are fun. I am actually trying to strive for one of the events, but I am not good with pure dedication. XD
  • Lack of Maplers in All Servers

    Well, it may seem like a ghost town, but there are some people who are willing to talk to yah. It took me a while, but I was able to have a good conversation with a few people. I know we are complete strangers, but maybe we could try to invite some friends. I am trying to get a buddy into it, but they are more interested in WWC or Fortnight. But, there is hope.
  • I'm stuck in a unknown world. [Send Help]

    No Problem! I shall not do it again. And I am sorry Hyrabaro. I really didn't mean any disrespect. I was only intending to help, and it seems I only messed things up for you. I am very sorry! I hope you have a wonderful experience regardless of the situation, and I hope you still stick around. Have a wonderful day!

    And I am also sorry to everyone else that I offended. It shall not happen again. I am truly sorry. Please accept my humble apology. You all have a wonderful day. :)
  • Practically a Nooblet! XD

    Neospector wrote: »
    DiximaN wrote: »
    Wait wat?
    Neo City is about to come back?

    Not in the near future, unless GMS adapts JMS's Neo Tokyo.
    The areas are still closed in KMS, as of their HalloweenxHaste patch.
    Soooo, what's neo city may I ask?

    Neo City was the area in Tera Forest. The plot was, a time traveler named Andy arrived from the year 2503 from a stereotypical "destroyed by rogue robots" future, but his time travel failed, so you (the player) are tasked with obtaining parts for his Time Diver device, then traveling to 6 different years:
    • 2021: An average town where you save a couple of kids from slimes. One of the kids mentions in passing wanting to design robots to help keep everyone safe
    • 2099: A harbor at night, where the player fights off a large mecha (Bergamot)
    • 2215: A bombed city center in the middle of a robot uprising where the player fights an android named Dunas.
    • 2216: The same city, one year later
    • 2230: A dangerous tower where the player fights another android, Oberon.
    • 2503: The air battleship Hermes, where the player fights off another battleship, the Nibelung.

    Honestly, while Oberon and Bergamot have really cool designs and the BGM will always hold a special place in my heart, it was extremely lackluster, incoherent story-wise, and basically dropped off with no real resolution. That, and Nibelung as a final boss isn't nearly as cool as the image sprite has you believe; even Pianus is slightly cooler looking, if for nothing but ambiance. You can still fight the mobs in the Monster Park, though.

    Awww! That sounds actually pretty cool. If it ever come back, I'll be looking forward to exploring that area. It sounds fun. Oh yeah! One other thing that I noticed from the game. OMG! You guys beefed up the enemies. I remember that ludi use to be an area at 50+. It now is actually almost tippled. I never thought a toy rat could kill me hard til now.
  • Practically a Nooblet! XD

    Here's my reaction to maplestory soo far:

    Me: Wow! Game still feels like old times, but what the...
    NPC: We now give you free respawn tokens and safety charms.
    Me: Okay... I mean I didn't really need them before. I just usually take the punch.
    NPC: Here's a free node stone!
    Me: Okay... what is it for...?
    NPC: You can only use it on the 5th job!
    Me: *Toss it, and hear a slime squeak in the background* Oh... Sorry!
    NPC: We got fishing now!
    Me: Huh! I like fishing..., but
    NPC: It comes with these quests.... (12 more quests pop up!)
    Me: Oh dear God!
    NPC: Hey!
    Me: What now?
    NPC: We got a maple guide for you take a look!
    Me: What is this? Maplestory "Disneyland Edition"! You kinda killing the explorations vibe. (If you know where this joke came from you get 1000 cool points)
    NPC: We now have Star Armour! That allows you to only go to certain areas of the map!
    Me: Oh my Gosh!

    Literally! You guys get a lot of stuff. I mean... I remember when it was a bit more simpler. I am sure it can't stay that way. Don't worry I am open to change, but Dear God!!! How can you guys breathe? Heck! I am not even going to touch Reboot.... (After what I read, it's okay guys. You can have reboot. I am totally fine where I am.) It's amazing that you guys get some nifty stuff that I wish I had when I first came to maplestory long ago, but boy do I need to relearn some things. I learned that most quests I remember (even my favorite ones like the older mushroom theme dungeon) is gone. Places are chained up for some reason like the beach. And, I am happy with the change and all for you guys keeping this game alive. Heck, I wonder? Is it still as fun?