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    I just got to 210 and I'm so ready for Chew Chew Island yeah! (/^▽^)/
  • Would you be okay if Nexon decided for one month.

    :T Just my warning...last time a petition liek this came up...people got forum warnings/temp bans...although I would love to see MS get fixed.
    This isn't a petition, just a proposed hypothetical. If Maple banned people for discussing a hypothetical situation, there'd be mutiny.
    Honestly? No.

    If maple isn't updated for a long period of time, people will just plain drop the game. Then when everything is fixed and maple surpasses even the best games ever, nobody will be around to play the game because everyone thinks the game died.

    I mean, I want the stuff fixed to, but not at the cost of any reason to keep coming back, which already the game severely lacks.
    At the same time, the game is straggling along, wheezing. It can't remain as it is. Maybe it doesn't have to be a year, six months, or even three, but a month sounds reasonable. It could be during one of those "slow" months with no holidays or anything really going on at the beginning of the year like on March or April.
  • Would you be okay if Nexon decided for one month.

    - These ??????? Quest completed and notice in quests.
    The ???????? quest bubbles are from when you complete one of the rice cakes for the Moon Bunny.

    As for me, I wouldn't mind if there were no updates for a year if they fixed everything in the game.
    I know. But it still looks unprofessional when it's not being worked upon.
    What annoys me the most is that everytime nexon adds something new, more bugs arrive. It's getting worse and worse every month.

    That's true. It seems Nexon policy is to fix what isn't broken until it is broken. Meanwhile, they're constantly trying to up their game about twice a year (summer and winter) in order to top or match previous big updates. They're adding more content and trying to get it out the door as fast as possible without scrutinizing it carefully or fixing old bugs so everything just piles on top of each other. It creates more work for them until there's so much of the little things that they can't attend to it all except slap a slipshod bandaid on top of it (when they bother to do anything at all) and hope it doesn't burst again.
  • No time limit on the hot day items?

    Boy...if only we could get some of the EMS rewards...tehy are cool...
    We... did get them? The Heroic Android Pack was given as part of Heroes of Maple premier event and the Nostalgia Medals were given out months ago in another event and it's not as though 200 Spell Traces and a 100% Epic Pot scroll are especially rare give-away prizes.
    That was also given out in codes from some website prior to Heroes of Maple. I think those had 30-day Onyx Apples in them too.
    Yup this. There was a sign-up event prior to the release of Heroes of Maple in celebration. EMS is getting the Heroic Android Pack because they never got the update for Heroes of Maple and now that they can access the content, it's only fair they get the same prizes GMS did.
  • What one thing would you change about your class?

    For fellow Bishops out there:

    Give us back our heal. Turn back the clock 3 years (almost exactly to this date) when RED launched; back to when heal was at it's finest moment as a staple to clerics as a versatile tool. Sporting a branding effect for squeezing out our already abysmal dps, no more cooldowns, and no need to be standing at point blank range for restoring a sliver of a wounded party member's HP.

    Kinda' defeats the purpose of having a healing class when they can't even properly treat a paper cut until well into their 3rd job class.
    Holy crap this. This was the one other thing I'd have wanted to change. That 3 second cooldown on Heal if you're not in a party is also ridiculous.