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Hello I'm ClawStaff


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December 18, 1995
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I like to play RPGs and like to look cool in them, by resembling characters.
  • Please let us turn smegas off.

    About time someone called Aggraphine out on this. He always finds some way to argue against almost every single thing that anyone suggests, no matter how well forumulated and thought out the suggestion is. He's been doing this way too long and no one's ever been able to so completely shut his arguments down like this. And often people bandwagon his response when all he seems to do is put down any suggestions anyone posts. (There have been times I was misinformed so my suggestion actually was bad, but that's not the point he does this to everyone for most suggestions).

    Edit: Also is that the actual Cr1tikal or just someone using his YouTube channel's name, I know he talks exactly like that in his videos.
  • New Masteria Map Lookin Good, Good Job Nexon

    I'm sure we weren't the first to do that but Gollux's prequests being removed was a pretty nice update too, there were way too many. Some weren't so bad but those ones with farming in the labyrinth were pretty annoying.
  • MapleStory Rise Update

    I'm sure most of you already know this from people mentioning it on Discord or from reading it on orangemushroom's blog, but KMS got an update with a guild system revamp, and maple guide changes, which also brings back a revamped Sharnenian PQ. I wasn't sure Sharneian PQ was ever coming back, but it's cool that it will be. With NLC being revamped in GMS as well, it seems like some old areas are finally being changed.

    Hopefully with all these revamps to old places some of the other content that was closed a long time ago like Florina beach (though that seems doubtful since it was completely removed from the map and replaced with gold beach) and Neo City will get revamps that reopen them as well.
  • Anti-afk mobs...

    Tbh the anti afk mobs should be client side/party based (like how elite mobs can only be seen by people in your party on certain maps) and only appear oh I don't know when you're AFK for a while, not just automatically spawn.
  • Re-request: Zero in Reboot

    Yeah really wish we could get Zero in reboot already, can't they just like change the Lapiz Lazuli mechanic to apply to regular potential for Reboot if the fact that it's a bonus potential mechanic is only reason we can't get them on this world.