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Hello I'm ClawStaff


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December 18, 1995
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I like to play RPGs and like to look cool in them, by resembling characters.
  • Reboot overpopulation

    Reboot isn't easier though, the monsters take more damage to kill, and we have to do everything ourselves.

    How is that easier than just needing enough mesos to buy end game gear? Also non-reboot has bonus potentials, and scrolling. What, is leaving less up to RNG "easier"?

    Im just not understanding how Reboot is easy.
  • NW Jump Attack

    They should've just made the jump attack a skill. I mean why would you make jumping while attacking give you extra dps if you're not gonna make it any easier to actually do it correctly?
  • When Will Reboot's Drop Table be Really Fixed?

    The thing isn't whether it's necessary to have class specific items drop or not, but rather that it was supposed to be a feature, but isn't.
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    Updated with gif but let me describe the general idea. It's pretty straightforward so an explanation of why it fits would be pointless.

    Design: The chair would be an animated chair that starts as a Maple Leaf with a crack in it that glows blue. The crack would break open to reveal the V logo. The chair would make your characters eyes glow depending on the category your class is in (like on the microsite).The chair would re-seal then open again.


    (I'm not really good at making images/gifs, but I just wanted to show off what I meant.

    Obtain Method: Basically your character would be sent on a quest to visit the Maple Tree (maybe to celebrate the progress in Maple since release, or to offer something to the Maple Goddess). It would be a separate map from the one in explorers tutorials (as in not connected to the same maps and new explorers not appearing there). The player would find a weird blue glow in the tree, and upon clicking it, the chair would fall out.

    IGN: VulpesShadow

    World: Reboot
  • New Nexon game that is F2P friendly!

    Wow are we building the Great Wall of China with text?