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Hello I'm ClawStaff


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December 18, 1995
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I like to play RPGs and like to look cool in them, by resembling characters.
  • Commander Weapons

    I do think this would be really cool, I also think the bosses should get a special fabled weapon for each class.

    I mean what if Magnus also dropped the other weapons you see past Kaisers wielding in the Heliseum portal room?
  • Here's some feedback NEXON, and co.

    Be helpful? What did you expect me to do exactly? Wave my magic wand that makes Nexon give you things? lol

    Also you never mentioned you bought an expiring cash item until now, how would I know that exactly. I thought you were just asking for compensation for absolutely nothing lost. I wouldn't have even commented in the first place if you made that clear.

    I wonder if we'll actually get that JMS buff for Jett's skills too with 5th job.
  • Key to the Future

    Some things we suggested KThxBaiNao is not even allowed to discuss (don't ask me why, I'm not Nexon), and we don't know if he even got responses from Nexon for the things he said he forwarded to them. He posts things like this, because that's pretty much all he can do at the moment. It's not like he codes the game or has direct communication with the coders' boss.

    Based on what I think happens, he passes the suggestions to someone at Nexon, which decides whether or not to tell anyone else. If they tell them, the next person has to make their own decision to pass it even farther along. Then if everyone in one version of Nexon agrees, they still have to ask KMS for permission to make the change (unless it's simply a bug fix).

    It's not a very organized business method, but it probably takes a while before a suggestion actually reaches someone that can implement it. or can tell those who can to do so. I'm just saying you're pinning things on someone that can't even do anything about it. Whether he did, or didn't do the things he said he would is up to your own opinion though.
  • range building Guide

    Can you please skip a line between every piece of equipment? It's pretty much a wall of text now.