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  • [SOLVED] only work on ban appeals tues-thurs?

    :( :'(
  • [SOLVED] only work on ban appeals tues-thurs?

    ok, a gm has responded to my ticket, so i guess this answers my question of whether they look at them throughout the week or just tues-thurs. consider this thread solved

  • Hacking tool detected

    just stop playing maplestory. i was banned permanently for "illegal programs" when i have never hack or used any third party program of any kind. my ban is currently "under investigation" but it has been two days and nobody has touched the ticket in 20 hours. it is ridiculous... this is the second time their system has wrongfully banned me. but if you want your account, best to just not play the game, just go hang out in henesys or something, playing the game is a risk
  • What will happen if i was KSed by the botters?

    KaziRise wrote: »
    im a explorer job and collecting lunar dew theses days, but sometimes i saw botters come to my map and killed mobs for about 5 seconds and then left.
    And I found im disconnected very often, I'm afraid that there might be some posibility that i will be banned?

    yeah, best to just sit in henesys and do nothing as nexons ban system wrongfully bans legit players for someone elses crime far too often. i am currently permanently banned (under investigation atm) for "illegal programs". what was i doing when i got banned? i was farming mobs attempting to get a blue napoleon cape for my blue cloud robe outfit. this is the second time this system has banned me wrongfully. i suggest you just avoid actually playing the game or farming mobs as you are likely to get banned

    merching auction house and trading on meso market wont get you banned tho and this gets you a lot of nice things, so maybe stick to that
  • Sales Tax.

    yeah, it makes zero sense to deduct an amount of virtual currency from the card instead of just charging tax at the retailer. deducting an amount of nx is kinda scummy tbh.