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  • Levle 224 I/L should I have, an Ice Strike node?

    Mawg wrote: »
    To quote a Refift question :
    So the primary node I use as a 233 I/L is Chain Lightning/Lightning Orb/Frozen Orb. As these are the main attacks you use. And then as the sub node you wanna use Blizzard/Elquines/Thunderstorm. But once you start training in Limina I hear you're supposed to use Ice Strike as it works better than Chain lightning.

    To which there was acomment:
    are you serious? i thought ice strike was weak since it's a 3rd job skill

    I realize that I am a serious amount of grind away from Limina, but I could start on a node now & have it levelled up by the time I get there.

    Is it worth it?

    There's no point of preparing for something that is "serious amount of grind away." You may want to quit I/L mage for being a trash class and switch your main in the meantime, a patch that makes I/L mage's chain lightning better mobbing skill might come out, or a new 5th job mobbing skills for I/L mage can come out in the future. Don't enhance ice strike node unless you need it for mobbing right now.
  • Read the memo. Anna. Just stop

    Just stop, Anna. Just stop.
    We saw that the current meso rewards in Maple Tour are a bit too high compared to other content, causing an imbalance to the economy and meso distribution between levels. We therefore are going to make some adjustments in hopes of being more faithful to the intended balance. The meso amount given to characters Lv. 160 and below will be lowered to 50% of the current amount and from this, the percentage will be adjusted accordingly based on the character’s level for the characters Lv. 200 and above.

    Players can earn ~60 million meso if they do a week long content without missing a single day?? Oh boyy that's wayyyy too much, better cut that $hit in half lmfao. So deleting the meso piggy bank just wasn't enough, huh? How's decreasing meso rewards from different contents going to bring "balance," when the meso needed to progress already outweighs the meso rewards by huge margin??? If they want to bring the "balance" then they need to reduce the meso cost for progressing. Players, especially new and returning players, are already having hard time scraping meso for their symbols. Starforcing cost a lot more meso than in KMS. Literally everything in this game cost ALOT of meso to progress. How's reducing meso rewards, which are already very low to begin with, going to make the game more enjoyable?? The memo is basically saying "Yeah, we don't want lower level players to get mesos. We're reducing the overall rewards from a few existing meso reward contents that had $hitty rewards in the first place, and we're lowering it harder for the lower levels." Are they actually nuts??

    we appreciate it when you share your thoughts and concerns

    Oh my holy Jesus. These guys CLEARLY don't. So many people were already upset about meso piggy bank being removed, and clearly expressed their frustration about it everywhere. What's their response to this? Lower the meso rewards in Maple Tour cause iT's ToO hIgH~. It's so funny how it says they are doing this change because they "SAW" Maple Tour was causing imbalance to the economy and meso distribution, but they're not doing a single thing about Frenzy totem or Kanna mule farming, things that are actually causing imbalance to the economy and meso distribution. Either put on your big boy pants and actually adjust real cause of meso economy imbalance, or just stop and don't do anything.
  • All-Star Hair/Face preview?

    With the current Black Friday sale the Autumn Surprise Bags were introduced which have the possibility to give you an All-Star hair/face coupon.

    I got myself a few of these but there's no way to preview the current set of hair/faces available? It tells me to double click it in the Cash Shop to preview the current styles but that just swaps the coupon from my inventory.

    Is there a way to preview the current styles without having to go through all patch notes to try and find whenever they changed it most recently?

    Yes. Just google "All star hair coupon 2020"
    Or go to "random box rate" in The Game tab of the ms website and click on the all star coupon
  • Please let us turn smegas off.

    AusaStar wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Poplmon wrote: »
    Also give us gay marriage, it's 2020.
    And before anyone decides to open their mouths about it, I have no issue

    I mean... you still appear to have an issue with everything else that is posted here on this forum. You are seen replying in practically every thread with this pointed, condescending vernacular as if you're personally offended by other players' feedback that is directed towards, not you, but Nexon. Do you enjoy playing MapleStory? The amount of energy you seem to put into your replies looks exhausting.

    It's devoid of any substance or merit, it's low-effort. If you really care about something, put up an actual argument instead of pointing at the calendar.

    My god, it's a game. OP already gave a clear, articulately written explanation for their feedback. And what else is there to expand upon asking for same-sex marriage? What are they going to do, write an essay about Stonewall for you?

    Yeah? Well it was 2019, 2018 2017 and probably 2016 at some point. Why's it matter?

    It matters because the world outside of MapleStory is continuously evolving, becoming more progressive and inclusive as time goes on. It matters because one year humanity takes a step forward compared to the previous year. It's been 5 years since same-sex marriage was finally legalized in the United States. Saying "it's 2020" is highlighting to Nexon of America how ridiculous it is that their players are still asking for it.

    He's the kind of guy who watched one too many Ben Sharpiro wrecks college kids videos and think he's some hot $hit debating on game forum. Veryyyy edgy lol
  • Add SKIP button

    They literally have "Would you like to skip cutscenes" option already in root abyss quest. Just do that to all the quests that was already completed at least once in a character in an account.