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  • 50% = 0%

    Meat wrote: »
    Nobody reports or takes notice of absurdly good luck; they only talk about their experiences when they're particularly unlucky. The only evidence that interests you is evidence that supports your theory - that's confirmation bias.

    No that's because the number of very good luck situations is significantly outnumbered by number of really bad luck situations. Not to mention that these "good luck" scenarios are when success chances are really low but one manages to succeed consecutively and this happens very rarely. Really bad luck situations are where success chances are mid-high, like 50% epic/innocent scrolls, but fail several times consecutively, which happens much more frequently. When distribution of good luck/bad luck situations are like this, it's not a confirmation bias
  • 50% = 0%

    iArrowZ wrote: »

    do you have sources for those accusations?

    Yes, nexon did lie about scroll chance in the past. In KMS, during 8th anniversary, they released 8th anniversary scroll that had 20% success rate+ 100% boom if failed. Big players were using big $$ on trying to scroll their gears with this scroll+cs scrolls. As players started to use this scroll, they started to notice just how abysmal it is to complete the scrolling even for 20% success chance. One user ripped the client open and posted the image of scrolling chance going down 2% every time a scroll is successfully applied. The first time the scroll is applied is 20%, the second scroll after 1st success is 18% and the third is 16% and so on.
    iArrowZ wrote: »

    also maybe the guy making threads should stop whining LMAO. honestly.

    you had back luck with scrolls? no problem. move on with your day. its a game.

    So if you lose money from playing slots or any other game machines in Vegas with rigged chances, you're just gonna say "welp just a bad luck, no prob, move on, gg"??
    Boy, you're the kind of sucker that people would looooove to suckle money out of your wallet lol. Yes, MS is a game. It's a game that a lot of people spend money and time to play. And if people has suspicion that the game is lying to players about rates and chances, then people should rightfully express their suspicion. Maybe you and the brick wall should learn to simply say "I disagree" to threads you disagree with without sounding like condescending &^%$
  • 50% = 0%

    Jez wrote: »
    the probability of getting the same result that many times in a row on a coin flip is astronomically low, yet it is incredibly common for this to happen
    i refuse to believe that it is simply 50% there has to be other factors involved

    dont @ me, i dont like your responses ever
    i think i asked you not to respond to my threads quite a few times

    You're basically talking to an attention deprived brick wall. It's just healthier to ignore nx lawyers. It's absolutely hilarious how these kinds of people vehemently believe that nexon would never lie about enhancement chances despite statistical improbabilities AND Nexon having lied about scroll chances in the past. It's all just bad luck and rng. Just sheeps being sheeps.
  • Title anvil in reboot

    So fkin disappointed with this bs. I don't even want the extra Att/m.att +5 and 10% exp. I was just excited about not only changing the look of the tlte but also being able to customize the text, but noooooooooooooooooooooo. Nexon just HAD TO put those useless trash stats and end up making the custom title 30 days only. $35 for 30 day duration??? Fk off nexon. Just get rid of the garbage stats and make the title customization permanent. Ffs, we have anvils to change appearance of gears and medals permanently. Why not for Titles? A lot more people would buy the title customization if it was permanent, instead of 30 day duration with crap stats.
  • Don't worry Reboot people :)

    You'll have Bebe boxes to wipe your tears with over dmt failure xDDDDDDDDD