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  • Fix Gollux

    1. Either give more coin reward for defeating hellux or reduce the cost of sup items. It is absolutely ridiculous that the price of sup gollux items were raised over 4 times fold and the difficulty of boss skyrocketed, but the coin reward remained exactly the same.

    2. Make hellux coin drops instanced. Right now, hellux is reserved for only those with very high stats to solo. Unless someone feels very generous, they'll never make party to do hellux with because only one person is gonna get the gollux coin reward. This game is already getting mocked constantly for being "soloplestory" and there's already not enough group/party contents as it is. Hellux party or carry was one of a few remaining group activities left in this game, and you've managed to get rid of it with the new change. Make coin rewards instanced, so that people can enjoy hellux together again.

    3. Add practice mode FFS. Not just gollux, but Ranmaru and other GMS bosses don't have practice mode. I know that coding is challenging and yada yada yada, but I refuse to believe that it is hard to replicate something that already exists in the game. You have practice mode for all the other bosses. How hard can it honestly be to do the same $hit to gollux and ranmaru?? Hellux's difficulty was raised to the level of cpap-lomien level, and there's only ONE try per day restriction as well. Why on God's green earth would you not have practice mode for it?
  • Kish nerf is worse than you think

    I just do not get these people who want kishin, fury or even frenzy totems nerfed or deleted. What the actual f is wrong with you people?? These things provide decreased spawn rate and increased mob count, which play essential role in making playing MS more enjoyable imo. Meso economy is always gonna be ∫uked because there's no restriction on number of accounts for bots/hacks can make and they won't go away. Nodes we get from mobs are not even tradable until they're dismantled and made into a new node. Droplet rates are so freakin low to even be a problem. Meso you get is nowhere near worth grinding hours and hours for (unless you're in reboot which need that much mesos to make decent progression). Better spawn rate just makes the game better to play. Nobody likes long spawn wait time, and nobody likes small mob counts. We all just want to feel good as we massacre and pile up the dead bodies of 2-D graphic creatures like a true adversary we are xD
  • Tera Burning

    why do u remove permanent root set? Reboot`s newbies need it and we also need it to decrease new character`s difficulty which had played it for long time . Please get it back.

    6 newbies with full 12 star epic cra gears with some bossing accessories and a little v-matrix can definitely take down cra bosses. Get together rebooters lol. You guys are suppose to be the "community" heavy server xD
  • Star force chance suspicion

    Chances are definitely fake. At the very least, the destruction chance are definitely fake. Everyone already knows this and just accepted it already. I know people who boomed an item over 20 times in 0.7-1.3% boom chance region. There are people who are enslaved to nx and will say "it's just rng" even though it's statistically fake and nexon has lied about fake chances many times in the past
  • my world is gone

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    HuskyDM wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    It takes not even a minute to check for your characters to see if they're still there. It would have taken him less time to check scania, bera, aurora, elysium and reboot for his characters than it took him to come to the forums and REEEEEEEEE all over the place.

    While it doesn't and I certainly don't condone reeing in the forums, MapleStory its extremely cryptic with a lot of its content. You could check the other worlds yes, but without much indication about what happened its not far fetched to think some amount of people left because they thought their progress was erased.

    It really takes not much effort to put a message box up for players who were not present during Worlds Unite and haven't logged in since, even more so with how people lack patience with Nexon and MMOs in general in the west. Some more Quality of Life added to the game won't hurt no one, and certainly avoids more reeing.

    People were warned for months on end.
    Leaving a message in the game for people who haven't logged in since then is just extra clutter in a game with enough problems.
    People who played before should remember Scania and Bera so realistically they only have to check 3 servers to find their characters.
    Only two servers if they've played since reboot came out. I'm all for Quality of Life but that's just spoonfeeding and isn't needed.

    They still have this $hit for CS change for EVERY CHARACTER whether you've already checked the new cs shop on your other character or not. OP is dumb for not even checking the worlds before raging, but if nx can afford to provide new cs guide for every single fkin character, they can afford to provide a single layer UI on start screen that points to Elysium and Aurora and say "merged worlds," which is significantly more important change than cs UI overhaul. Stop making excuses for nx for not doing something little they can do to guide returning players a little.