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  • Insane HP on Gollux level 4

    Lucsean99 wrote: »
    You adults/ kids that are complaining about this "revamp trap" it's sad to see the OP who maybe a hacker that can't get what he wants no more plz cry more; along with the low post count; which he will mostly likely make a new account and complain.

    It's legit sad to see a kid with half a brain making fool out of him/herself on forum like this. Plz stop talking and save yourself from embarrassment
  • New Gollux still sucks, but I'm done whining

    This gollux patch
    - Made lv 4 gollux super duper hard
    - More than doubled the coin price for sup gollux items
    - Increased coin price for gollux scrolls as well
    - Pretty much blocked carries
    - Kept coin reward exactly the same

    Yep, it's pretty god damn awful
  • Insane HP on Gollux level 4

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    HuskyDM wrote: »
    iLiMiTaDo wrote: »
    and if instead of going alone, they form a group of 3 or more people?

    Its not as simple as that. Gollux doesn't have instanced loot, its a free for all. The amount of health is way too much for the prizes he drops, which are the same 30ish coins he gave before, while also having stupidly high prices for Superior items that make this a month long grind for a single accessory. Honestly, the more I think of it, couldn't they just make the shop replenish every week? Unless this is a setup for an excuse of "nobody plays Gollux anymore so we are removing it" I don't see the point of making Gollux a Lotus level boss. This is only going to make the game a bigger grind than it already is.

    BIS Items should be from a boss on that level though. Gollux was already a pathetically easy boss who gave the best items in the game.
    I for one welcome Gollux being as strong or stronger than lotus. It actually makes his items somewhat more balanced.

    Love how you say you want new players to join in on this game, but still go nx lawyer on this gollux patch which will most definitely bring down the number of new players. "BIS items should be from a boss on that level"? Ok, then let's buff the living $hit out of chaos vonbon and pierre, and only give 1 denaro per day for commerci reward. Gollux items were BIS items that were never about being "balanced" but more about being approachable to everyone, and that's what was great about it. New players already have to suffer through broken meso economy in a fkin trade rpg game, and being able to get such great item through a little bit of grind was great way to ease the burden on them and help them progress more efficiently. With a little bit of work for about a month, newbies were able to get a full sup gollux set that will help them progress through the game, just like how they would be able to get good SW tat and monocle with a little bit of work for couple weeks. This is what made this rpg game somewhat more approachable to new players, since they get the feeling of becoming stronger with reasonable amount of time and work. Now getting carried is pretty much out of the question, and it will take newbies approximately over a month to get one sup gollux item, not counting the scrolls they have to buy for them. And less and less people will join the game because of such bs time needed to spend on one item.
    Also Gollux was never "pathetically easy boss." Jesus, how condescending can you be? It's relatively easy boss for those with range in millions, full link skills and good legion, but it was never objectively "weak boss," with long potion use cooldown, need to move around to get rid of mobs to avoid death stack, fast AoE one hit kill pattern, and time limit to kill the forehead. It's why there were a lot of people asking for hellux carry in the gollux entrance.
  • lol removing something that was never there

    Gollux patch note
    Intense Power Crystal will be removed from the drop list.

    Oh u mean the thing that Gollux never dropped in the first place? I don't know what kind of $hit these devs are smoking, but I want some
  • Pet vac in Reboot

    Forget adding vac pets. They should just make vac a default ability for all the pets in reboot. Actually give players a reason and incentive to mob in their proper field for long period of time, and get them to stop b1tch and moan about byebye going bye bye