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  • Upcoming Shade nerf doesn't make ANY sense in GMS

    It doesn't matter. GMS will always get whatever balancing patch kms gets simply due to devs not giving enough rat's @ss about it to change it. HS nerf didn't make sense in gms, but they did it anyway. DA nether shield nerf didn't make sense in GMS but they did it anyway. Sure, it makes sense to modify the patch note to conform to the environment of GMS, but this is NX dev we're talking here. Too hard, too lazy. Just copy and paste the patch they give to us without changing a single thing. That's pretty much their way of running things. Ffs, they even copy and pasted the starforce 1+1 event codes awhile back, which had a MASSIVE bug that led to shutdown of AH in KMS, without changing a single thing, and guess what, the same exact bug happened and we closed AH for awhile just like KMS did.
  • Players returning from hiatus: which server?

    Unless you're really ready to dedicate a large portion of your life into playing this game, just join regular servers. It will take a long time for one to settle in Reboot server. In reboot, killing mobs in one shot requires much higher stats than in reg server. To get to that stat, you're gonna have to enhance your gears very well by yourself. Not only that, you have to acquire geras you need, like CRA sets, by defeating CRA bosses yourself. This is kinda like gears you need to climb a mountain is on top of the mountain. You normally need CRA sets to defeat CRA bosses easily, but, in reboot, you have to defeat them with temporary low-tier gears. This is why getting carries in reboot is important in reboot, because if you want to straight solo it, you have spend a lot of time and a lot of meso to enhance low tier gears, and then have to spend more time and even more meso to enhance your final gears when you do get them. It's a whole lot of work, and I was not into that. Not to mention that because getting one shot kill on mobs is harder task, leveling up your legion and link skills are gonna be much slower in reboot as well.
    Also, this is the worst time to join reboot server because byebye kanna, the most efficient way of farming meso in reboot, is gonna get deleted. So getting settled in reboot is gonna be much harder now.
  • Fixing the 2pc meta will make more people play

    Been sitting on 7000 legion cause 2 lazy to prep mule gears
  • Fixing the 2pc meta will make more people play

    I have 2 pc and kanna mule account, and I'm still not motivated to play
  • Please we need active GameMasters at MuLung maps!!

    advancedip wrote: »
    Every map is filled with invisible teleporting hackers
    I am unable to complete the Mu Lung questline.

    lol they don't even have GMs in ch1 Henesy filled with spam bots advertising meso sites, and you think they're gonna put GMs in mobbing fields??
    GMs are too busy handling very super ultra important duties. Please don't bother them and try to waste their precious time with trivial matters like hackers ruining the game.