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  • New Gollux still sucks, but I'm done whining

    Like seriously how are new players/returning players ever going to get sup gollux items buffing his hp is 1 thing but u also removed being able to get carried...

    seriously this game is slowly turning back to it's full pay to win state...

    Either rollback this revamp or allow carries again..

    yey can't finish my supp pendant and earrings now congratz.
  • Familiar System Revamp 2020 Questions

    Zyxsst wrote: »
    Will any unused familiars disappear after the update?

    They won't disappear but they will get the new ability

    So if you don't activate current familiar with drop rate for example the drop rate will be changed to something else,

    If you activate before the revamp you will keep the drop rate etc etc.
  • Increase Fury Totem availability

    I fine with this even tho i am a Kanna main.

    And for people who says it will cause server instability.

    It's not kishin/frenzy/fury who causes server instability but the huge amount of bots/hacks are the problem.

    Yes, Nexon blames it on the spawn enchancers but nexon just don't want to admit they have a huge bot/hacks problem.

  • Only USA getting burning event?

    AKradian wrote: »
    Allowed wrote: »
    Where did i say EU is being discriminated stop spreading fake news.

    Let's see... how many different ways did you say that EU gets nothing while NA gets all the good stuff?

    Allowed wrote: »
    Kind of unfair that us europeans aren't getting a burning event..

    i feel misleaded in the news update it didn't say it would be only for the US server..
    Allowed wrote: »
    EU server was down for a whole day just like NA while you got new events

    We litteraly got nothing not even a compensation..
    Allowed wrote: »
    aye, i see you guys get a good event and us in the european server gets nothing new.
    Allowed wrote: »
    But still you guys have 3x burning event in a row now and us europeans only 2x in a row feels sad.
    Allowed wrote: »
    Kind of unfair that us europeans aren't getting a burning event..
    Allowed wrote: »
    To be honest in the news update it didn't say it would be a US server only event.

    If you saw my last message would have known i said "also applies to non merged NA servers"
  • Anyone being DC because of "hack" reasons?

    Yep, we clearly using hack called "windows"