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  • Known Issues After 2/16 Maintenance

    and to make my comment more understandable, the post i quoted was "incompetent"

    yes that's the prevailing theme at nexon these days, it's like you are now shocked when things do work and its probably just completely accidental when it does happen, it's quite obvious they do zero testing on their patches at this point and are completely clueless or more likely unwilling to spend the money required when it comes ot addressing the stability and lag issues, but it's hopeless and we'd be better off standing in the forest screaming at a tree then trying to get nexon's attention or hope anything changes. One random example at nexon at it's finest... players complain for weeks about the event hall lag, they finally move the npc and coin shop out of the event hall for a week, only to then put them all back in there again while players continue to tell them they cant access it, and the best we get is a 6 year on going investigation that is obviously either not happening or being done by someone that is uttely clueless
  • Any news about a new CM?

    OneLetter wrote: »
    Once there is news on a new dedicated Maple CM, there will be a full introduction, of course. I hope you welcome them with open arms and an open mind, and provide them with the same opportunities you provided past CM's to get to know and understand the Maple community. :)
    why would this require an open mind, that's a bit troubling, surely this guy knows blue pots dont fill kinesis pp... or more seriously is there some major change coming we need ot adjust to that requires an open mind?

  • Known Instability Issues - 2/2

    Saygo wrote: »
    Hi Maplers,

    We are aware that after today's unscheduled maintenance, some players are still experiencing server instability and disconnection issues. These issues include players not being able to select a world in the world selection screen, and "ID is already logged in" errors.

    We are currently investigating these issues and will provide updates as soon as we have them.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. Thanks for your patience.

    -The MapleStory Team

    stop trying to downplay this, its not some players and you and we very well know this, it's everyone, the game hasn't been out of a state of instability since the V update and its just been a long series of issues such as this and everyone knows this is widespread. Whatever you are or aren't doing isn't helping. How could anyone with any level of professionalism patch this, test it, and not fix it and not recognize it wasn't fixed and then to come here and minimize it like it's a portion of us affected is blatantly dishonest
  • Closing old forums 1/31/2017

    @chukki, here's another current example.. players complain for weeks they cant go into the event hall, beg nexon to move the moon bunny out of there so they can use it, finally after the crafting event has ended they listen and move it into towns, only to once again place it back in the event hall when round two of the crafting event starts, that's either sadistic or stupid or some combination of the two
  • Closing old forums 1/31/2017

    the worst argument in this whole thread is the one that basically goes, the old forums have very little value to me therefore they shouldn't for you and for you to be upset about this decision is silly. The second worst one in my opinion is the one that goes something like -if you don't know how to code or maintain a game you have no right to criticize others for the job they are doing, .. well i don't need to know how to make chicken Parmesan to know if its well cooked or not and i don't have to know auto mechanics to know if you fixed my brakes or not and i have the right to expect those that are paid to do these jobs to know how to do them and do them correctly and complain when they dont