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  • changes at nexon america

    in other news, also interesting in seeing who broke this news, not sure if nexon will allow this news, but personally i am happy about this, we know how bad things are currently so any change at least has a chance at being positive http://www.mmorpg.com/news/rumor-nexon-korea-to-take-over-leadership-at-nexon-america-1000042737
  • moon bunny npc

    @biznitch iit was a good suggestion, however didn't help my lag issue. I dont need the ring personally, i finished it, it just irks me how shortsighted this decision or lack of thought and consideration was, it's pretty symptomatic of nexon overall i think
  • SS Ring available from V Coin Shop?

    it was like that in the test server and reported to nexon, and of course they did nothing and let it go live. This is hard to believe that it was tested, reported and still slipped by, i really don't even understand this level or ineptitude
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  • moon bunny npc

    so after weeks of people complaining they couldn't use event hall due to lag you finally move the moon bunny npc out of event hall into towns, when crafting the ring was unavailable and as soon as it's available again you move it back into event hall exclusively once again preventing people from using it? There's only a very few explanations for this, you are not at all listening to us, you are sadistic regarding your players or you aren't smart enough to make your hot fixes stick. or some combination of the three, on top of which you make the ring mold only available 1 time ,when it takes 4 to make an SS ring.... you guys really do deserve all the ridicule you recieve
  • Known Instability Issues - 12/24

    This is like adding insult to injury, we've been telling you for weeks how horrible your servers are, begging you to stop having 2x events until you address it and then as if you haven't heard a word you throw a double miracle time on top of 2x and a cube sale expecting things to go well, or more likely you dont care and you just want the servers to look full for the parent company and executives, you have obviously shown no concern for the state of the game and the apology is worthless without making it better, it's hollow at best. The right thing to do would be to fix the servers and once they are stable then have another Double miracle time and cube sale but of course this like all other complaints and criticism will fall on deaf ears. The management of this has never been good but it';s at an all time low at the moment and the lack of anything remotely interactive communication wise is laughable