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  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    Dear god is that really a video of a nexon employee? O.o that was cringe worthy
    Sadly, yes, that is of some Nexon employees. It was from a livestream for V.
    Wow I fail at being a lumi but geesh, get a real player to work for them and i think this testing part will be easier am i right??
    -Looking to be a GM in Iowa- (had to try) last I read you have to be in California...yawn...
    Inb4 this guy featured in that got fired! Isnt that a requirement to have knowledge about your job to do it right? :) stick to programming dude!
    well the sad thing is, I heard those were GM's from Vindictus on the stream and not GM's for maplestory.. which is odd
    That would make a little more sense as to why they had no idea what they were doing
    and yes, its quite understandable that CMs from another game didn't know Maplestory and were thrust into this role unexpectedly due to our CM at the time being unavailable, however this begs the obvious question and raises even more concern, these were the best two choices they had even with it being unexpected? no one else in that office knows more about maple than those two that could have filled in for Michael? and on a semi unrelated topic who wear headphones over a beanie indoors?? hint @saygo, people already know you're bald... be proud don't hide
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    I feel bad for the Europeans, as bad as this update has been for us, its substantially worse for them when they cant even get their questions answered as to when they will be migrated, the skeptic in me thinks they are delaying the rest of the migrations now so they don't add to the server load and create more latency and connection issues, which is completely unfair to the Euros who are completely missing out on the events
  • A message about KThxBaiNao

    i thought he probably did his best and gave it his all but he seemed a bit over his head at times to me, Hime and Girasol were the two on these forums i felt did the best jobs by far, however i have a sneaky suspicion that reddit thread had a lot to do with this , him trying to get players compensated adequately for their losses, if that's the case i have more respect for him and less for nexon, but purely speculative... and Maryse as volunteer was a better CM than some we've had(names with held)
  • Happy Birthday Maryse!

    happy birthday to you both, still miss you as volunteer here, Maryse, didn't always agree with you but you in my opinion were the most dedicated forum volunteer they ever had and weren't as thin skinned and hyper sensitive as most of the others have been

    Lag and lag and more lag + dcs and crashes a lot worse than before
    Changes in characters cards- not announced
    New UI where you can't resize anything besides the chat window but you can't increase the chat font (why the effort if you don't allow to resize anything)?
    The HP bar it is too small for me to manage well my hp like I did before (very bad size for people with eye sight problems since you can't resize it) Example of a resizeable UI- Tera
    You upgrade new UI yet still the game doesn't memorize where you put the maple guide window for example or the soul charger when you log off.
    You upgrade new UI yet you fail to put an ingame clock
    Dimensional mirror doesn't have NLC anymore and commerci takes us to a map out of the town
    You broke gollux
    Ludi clock tower maps still are with wrong names
    The upgrade to the world map doesn't include the Far East (forgot it?)
    You couldn't fix the change channels bug with this UI upgrade?
    Why remove the exit game button and replace with change characters which takes us to the login screen? Seriously...
    Monster book key doesn't appear when you choose secondary key settings
    Make a damn skip button for the game intro and that memorizes the option! (example FFXIV)
    Why only give 30 V coins a day?
    Why make an event reset each time you dc? The counter restarts again each time I dc or crash, thanks for the 3h or more of my life wasted everyday trying to get a reward in a game that is totally unstable. This is stressful and far from enjoyable.
    Why your staff doesn't have the same degree of professionalism like KMS?
    Why don't we treat the hackers like in KMS?
    Why didn't we get the same compensation that KMS had when they had problems with the V update?
    Why gives us 15 minutes 3x exp card that disappear if we log off??? The game client is always crashing!
    Why don't you give each event day 3 4h cuppons to the players to use in any day of the week instead of making the exp events always at weekends?
    Why put so many events at the same time? Players have a life outside the game, it makes it stressful, no event should require that you stay online for 3h per day every single day!

    And most important question: Why doesn't Nexon treat their player base as potential paying customers? The last stream was shameful.

    sums up a lot of my feelings pretty well, i'd also add, why have a 12 hour maintenance to address the server load latency and when it obviously didnt fix it or make any notable improvements you just completely go silent on it and act as if it's addressed, reports are its even worse than before on non reboot servers

    why give compensation, have an unscheduled maintenance through the 2x we were given for compensation plus one of the regular 2x and not replace either of them or offer something better than 30 minute of 3x for the 6 hours of 2x we lost.

    Why is there 18+ pages of bug reports since this update and the only one you commented on or paid any attention to was the marvel machine one,, oh that's right it's a cash shop issue, that nickname you earned in korea was well earned

    and yes that last stream was horribly embarrassing, there's going to be memes about it for years, why would a company struggling with it's reputation set itself up for ridicule like that

    and lastly why with all the promotions and advertisements for the last several months and how you know that the players have been begging for 5th job for years didnt you adequately test the server load before hand