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  • FrenzyTotem NERF ¡¡

    IMHO it is, by far, the single worse item to ever be introduced to GMS.
    Possibly the worst addition in general. If any change is made to Kishin, Fury or Wild Totems, it should also affect Frenzy
  • This game feels very frustrating

    iArrowZ wrote: »
    clearly you guys were not around when there was no capping on coins.

    The old events had players farm 16 hours a day to make sure they could capitalize as much as possible during those events and obtain years worth of buff items among other things.
    Meanwhile, the current style allows you to get everything you NEED by playing 20-45 minutes a day and obtain more stuff if you WISH to spend the extra time.
    These styles of shops also have rank up rewards that are more than worth it. I spent a total of 5 hours on my kanna mule to get 15 Stormgrowth potions, a Typhoon Growth Potion, 5 3x EXP coupons, 13 2x EXP coupons, 10 Nodestones, 20 Symbols, 5 Red Cubes, 3 Eternal Flames, 2x Epic pot Scrolls, MC Cubes and 5 Honor Medals. In 5 hours spread over a month.
    That alone makes the event worth it. Players who couldn't play much didn't fair any better during the old events.
    Oh and the event buffs are insane for mules
  • my world is gone

    Chances are, you used a different account 6 years ago, also check to make sure your characters are not in the other region (NA vs EU)
  • Potential Badges

    JackBandit wrote: »
    Why was the Sengoku event even stopped in the first place..? GMS already broke their version with badges that were able to receive potential.

    Since the game is not designed with a free 33% stat and 17+ star in mind, KMS wanted them gone to maintain "balance". I can understand the reasoning but I don't understand why GMS would allow my main to keep it and force me into playing it forever or be sub-optimal.
    I also don't understand how that could've been the entire argument when GMS just tried to implement a familiar system where ONE out of your THREE can singlehandedly give you 80% boss dmg or IED.

  • Potential Badges

    Base stats are standard for an item and badges can't receive flames (bonus stats).
    Even if they could there would only be 7 different values possible for the stats added to the badges and even if they found a way, it wouldn't solve anything.
    They would still give an insane amount of stats that should never have been implemented in the first place and is out of reach of other characters.
    Not only that but they would need to change %stats formula to ignore base stat on badges, which nerfs characters without pottable badges and guarantees issues down the line since the main game comes from KMS which doesn't have those badges and couldn't care less about our quick fix.

    The only balanced way to go about it would be to remove their potential and issue compensation or bring them back