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  • Add expensive super cubes to Reboot

    You can reach 21k stat without a single 3Line potential and with multiple Unique pieces.
    Such cubes would hurt the entire concept of progression. You'd go from 6% epic lines to end game gear with no in-between.

    As for meso farming, I reached 8k legion and a 21k stat without ever using a Kanna to farm mesos.
    It's just a shortcut for those who are into it
    Optimizing your mesos by waiting for specific events, using all the free cubes/flames you can get and knowing what you're doing is more important than getting meso fast.
    Ursus+Maple Tour is almost 1b/week. Doing weekly bosses on two characters and some daily Nmag/Papulatus/Arkarium will give you another bil for minimal time investment.
  • Potential Badges

    Sadly, the issue is not that new players don't have GSE or Sengoku badge.
    The issue is that older characters have them and were able to maintain all of their Star Force and Potential.
    It would've sparked outrage if they removed those and gave compensation but as we seen in the last memo, game balance and player feedback are not exactly things they care about.
    Perhaps they could've made them lvl 1 items with matching SF and Potentials.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    They are also taking a really long time to fix the familiar system and gollux bugs. Seems like nexon employees are sitting on their butts enjoying the money from whales and cash shop updates instead of getting stuff done.

    While I have a strong opinion about this update, I will disagre with you there
    My team is smaller and we'd still have to go through these steps :
    1) Director board meeting to figure out what other projects will be delayed and what budget we got
    2) Assemble a team and match it to a project manager
    3) Schedule meetings, assign roles, compile feedback and bug data
    4) Try to replicate every single one of them and figure out why and how
    5) Go through the first analysis dozens of time and find multiple solutions that match schedule, budget, player feedback and the company's vision
    6) Build documentation for each of these solution
    7) Countless meetings where the VP/Director of finance crushes your dreams with finess
    8) This is where the dev team comes in (we may be at this stage right now depending on how much they're changing)
    9a) Magic happens and changes are tested individually then sent to QA
    9b) QA tests individual changes and send it back if it doesn't match the documentation
    9c) Changes that pass QA are sent to another test environement that's closer to the live servers. Many tests are performed across many features to make sure all new content works as intended and old content still work
    9d) Usually, go back to 9a) and, if things go very wrong, step 5)
    [optional] 10) Private test
    11) Pre-production and IT stuff
    12) Update live servers

    The bugs and Gollux stuff requires pretty much the same but with less meetings and testing
    This is happening while GMS is weeks away from a big summer update and a new class which, I assume, they still want to push after the Anniversary content so I wouldn't hope for much
  • Maple Memo Response?

    The memo is an insult.
    Many players considered quitting but had faith the team realized their mistake and would come up with a plan to fix it. My thoughts and prayer to them.
    "Works as intended" is how they describe several months of gameplay to purchase a single item from the familiar shop.
    Every part of the update is a net negative for Reboot except for a few hundred players and only as long as they don't change character.
    Is Reboot here to stay? Why not consider it in the update? Why not mention it in the memo?
  • Remove PIC from storage

    Fairly certain it's a KMS feature implemented to reduce item theft and tickets for lost items
    KMS has a much bigger population and playing from internet cafe is much more common there
    On GMS it's nothing more than an annoyance, especially on reboot

    Hopefully we get an option to turn it off soon