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  • Sengoku Badge

    Agreed! The reasoning behind them even removing the event that made the badge obtainable makes no sense..
  • Potential Badges

    Prophetie wrote: »
    JackBandit wrote: »
    Why was the Sengoku event even stopped in the first place..? GMS already broke their version with badges that were able to receive potential.

    Since the game is not designed with a free 33% stat and 17+ star in mind, KMS wanted them gone to maintain "balance". I can understand the reasoning but I don't understand why GMS would allow my main to keep it and force me into playing it forever or be sub-optimal.
    I also don't understand how that could've been the entire argument when GMS just tried to implement a familiar system where ONE out of your THREE can singlehandedly give you 80% boss dmg or IED.

    I feel like people still paid for those badges because it wasn't tradeable so you would still have to make it and self cube/ bpot/ enhance. Also the sengoku ones would require you to purchase nx to get enough coins so it was by no means "free" like the ghost exorcist was unless you saved coins over multiple events and did daily free tickets.

    I completely agree though. They more or less "forced" us to stick with characters that have the potential badges as who would willingly sacrifice an extra 33-40%+ equip and 60-100+ main stats..?

    Also, our revamped familiar system was MUCH more broken vs potential badges. It makes no sense why 30-40% and 60 stats is considered "overpowered" yet we have a system throwing out 80% boss/ ignore.. Not to mention we also have so many other pay to win broken GMS equips like a frenzy totem/ breath of divinity/ the gollux set that is a much larger disparity with potential damage that GMS has vs KMS.
  • Potential Badges

    It's ridiculous that new players are shafted.

    I think the ONLY fair solution would be to either Remove pottable badges from ALL players OR put them back in game so that EVERYONE has access to them.