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  • NA Reboot Lachelein Map Crashes 5/2

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    Yohoyamada wrote: »
    MapleSapo wrote: »
    IGN: YokaiSapo WORLD: Reboot NA

    I got baited by a mapler who was offering MVP in that map. I teleported and crashed right away. This kind of atitude should have consequences...

    Your not alone, i got baited 2

    That.. is brutal D:
    Our Support team is working to move the affected characters from the Lachelein map as a temporary workaround while we resolve this crash issue.
    Our ticket responses may be delayed than usual due to the high volume of tickets concerning this issue but we'll surely reach you!
    Thank you for your patience.

    It is! I couldn't level up, farm mesos and nodes, lost my coupons, couldn't do my dailies and participate in the events. I hope they do something about those who baited players. And I know that problems happens sometimes, but a compensation if possible would be nice.

    Thank you too! :)
  • Event items

    I agree. I understand that some items must have a date to expire (like some titles that have 50+ stats and such), but they should unstead give us a coupon that does NOT expire, and when we have time to use it (becase believe me, people have life outside MS) then we just double click the coupon and it turns into the desired item with the expiring date. And of course, only when a date makes sense. There is items with date that I don't understand why they have it.
  • Overalls are completely useless...

    Despite I do understand your point and agree with overalls being useless considering you can get 2x pot, flames, stars on top+bottom, I don't agree with not making overalls anymore. I believe making them better somehow is the meta. We already have 2x starforce with overalls, so why not making every other aspect of it a 2x? I don't agree with ruining the ballance. There should be a way to solve this without just "deleting" another content from the game. We already had too many things removed that could have been preserved if better worked with.
  • Remove coin cap from wondroids

    This thread can be closed :) They will remove the Coin Cap in the next maintenance. Also as compensation they will give 1000 coins.

    Nexon: "We will give out 1,000 Aspire Commemorative Coins during the April 8 maintenance to all players who have completed either Season 1 '[Mechanical Hearts] Digital Horrors' quest or Season 3 '[Mechanical Hearts 3] Returning to Aspire' quest before this announcement to apologize."
  • Wonderoid Broken...

    What about the insane difficult? I spent like 6 hours on the SAME jump quest! If you get hit you die and go all the way back to the starting point, with a timer, and when you reach the end it says "the door is blocked, the elevator is broken, find another way" and you must do the same thing all over with the timer still running. I had to give up entirelly because you can't even take a break and save your progress! This is not healthy, god..seriouslly, I ended up with no coins and a headache. My eyes were burning for staying so long looking at the monitor trying to finish the jump quest. Im seriouslly concerned about what Nexon consider healthy to the game and players. Whoever created this event full of bugs and insane difficult to be done in 20 days is a sadistic.