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  • Maple Fashion: Design Story 2021 - Outfits

    IGN - Sakuramist
    World - NA Reboot


    Name of design - Wishcandy Tiger

    Equipment Pieces -

    Wishcandy Tiger Hair (unisex item, the stars and dots on it sparkle from pink to white)

    Wishcandy Tiger Outfit (unisex item, the stars and dots on it sparkle from pink to white, the tail, and scarf are all a part of the overall)

    Wishcandy Tiger Wishing Rod (the top is a star with wishcandy dangling off of it, the sparkles alternate pink and blue, and the little tiger hunts for candy when you attack, and jumps when you jump, and nibbles candy when you're prone)

    Wishcandy Tiger Socks (unisex item, there are star and dot sparkles on them)

    Note - I did not want to make any of the outfit a cape because I like the idea of adding wings separate from the outfit set, and the socks are separate because of the same reason.
  • [Contest] Design a Discord Icon for MapleStory!


    I wanted to draw Moonbeam and Shade, because of their friendship and unity. And also decided to make Shade have ears and a tail.

    IGN: Sakuramist
    World: Reboot
  • Flew to 120 on my Angelic Buster, need some advice

    Hey, welcome back to the game, and welcome to Reboot. :)

    Monster codex is one thing you need, monsters drop two types of cards as you know, if you get all the monster cards in one place, you can get a stat boost bonus. People tend to collect all the monster cards from monsters in Leafre because its set bonus increases attack, but you currently can't complete this set because Dragon Rider party quest is glitched still apparently. These are cards you just pick up, not the ones you use for familiars.

    Also, I'm pretty familiar with Angelic Buster, however not an expert. But, I will share what I know, Trinity is your bossing attack (until you reach level 170 and unlock the Supreme Supernova hyper skill), you have to tap it to make the most out of using it. Having Soul Seeker active is good for when you wanna train or do some extra damage to bosses, it'll send out projectiles and hit monsters nearby. If you wanna charge your attack so you can keep using skills that require charge faster, you should use Star Bubble since it has the highest recharge chance when used and its animation is quick too.

    If you don't have very good armor at the moment, Zakum (make sure it's Normal Zakum) drops a pretty decent weapon (level 110) until you can get the Pensalir set. Pensalir equipment drops from level 140+ monsters, you'll make your way there eventually, some train from 130 to 150/160 in a theme dungeon called Korean Folk Town. What you want are Moon Bunnies, until like level 140, then go to Yellow King Goblins until 150. Unless you participate in parties or can mob well enough, then Moon Bunnies are good enough and you won't have to move on to Yellow King Goblins. Just remember to open the world map, click on a location, and enable the auto-navigation feature.

    Hilla and Magnus are two more bosses you can take on for equipment for your level, Hilla drops Necro equipment, which is for level 120, and good for the set bonus until you move on to Pensalir. And Magnus drops a badge, shoulder, cape, and boots for level 115+.

    One thing you might not be aware about, are Link Skills and Character Cards, you basically make other classes, and level them to 70/120-140/210, you'll want to make a lot of characters because these will boost your main character, and the other ones you play all around. The second level for link skills is going to be changed to level 140, so make sure to keep that in mind. The characters you want to level to at least 70 or 120-140 are;

    Mercedes (for EXP boost)
    Aran (for bonus combo EXP)
    Evan (for extended rune duration, it'll increase the time for the buff that earns you bonus EXP)
    Demon Avenger (for damage)
    Demon Slayer (for boss damage)
    Kanna (for damage)
    Beast Tamer (for boss damage, critical rate, and HP/MP increase)
    Phantom (for critical rate)
    Luminous (for IED/PDR)
    Hayato (this link only has one level, it increases all stats by 10, and attack/magic attack by 5%).

    And optionally;

    Kinesis (for critical rate)
    Cannoneer (for 15/25 to each stat, and 5/10% to HP and MP)
    Kaiser (for HP)
    Cygnus Knights (for elemental and status resistance, to get the most of it, you'd need to level all its classes).

    Aran, Evan, and Mercedes are the top 3 to start with, so you can start there especially if you want an easier time leveling, just don't forget to go into the basic skills tab and open the link manager, and activate the links you want. You may change links once a day, and only one character can use a link skill at a time. So don't forget to change it if you want it on another character.

    Now that Link Skills are out of the way, I'll tell you a bit about Character Cards. There currently are set effect bonuses, but those will soon be removed. To get these bonuses, you have to activate 3 cards of the same class (I.E. Warrior, Pirate, Mage) to get these bonuses. If your main is Angelic Buster, these are the sets you'll want, but keep in mind these set bonuses will get removed, so whether you want to still work to get them is entirely your choice.

    Pinpoint Aim (3 Bowman Cards – Final Attack damage) +1/2/3/4%
    Weak Point Targeting (3 Thief Cards – Critical damage) +1/2/3/4%
    Pirate’s Way (3 Pirate Cards – Ignore Enemy Defense) +2/4/6/8%

    The card grades are as follows; grade B - level 30, grade A - level 60, grade S - level 100, grade SS - level 200. You want S cards at least. And the cards you'd want to obtain are;

    (It's your choice which to start to get first. A small note, Beast Tamer isn't available at the moment, but in the future it may get released again.)

    Aran: +70% chance to replenish HP on attack every 60 sec. Replenish HP 2X when attacking multiple monsters. Replenish HP +2/4/6/8%
    Battle Mage: Damage when hit -2/3/4/5%
    Beast Tamer: Ignore Enemy Defense +2/4/6/8%
    Blaster: Ignore Enemy Defense +1/2/3/5%
    Bow Master: DEX +10/20/40/80
    Dawn Warrior: Defense +2/3/4/5%
    Demon Avenger: Boss Damage +1/2/3/5%
    Shade: Critical Damage +1/2/3/4%
    Hayato: Critical Damage +1/2/3/4%
    Kanna: Boss Damage +1/2/3/4%
    Marksman: Critical chance +1/2/3/4%
    Mechanic: Buff duration +5/10/15/20%
    Mercedes: Skill cooldown -2/3/4/5% (Takes priority over item potential. Cooldown cannot be lower than 1 sec)
    Mihile: Defense +2/3/4/5%
    Paladin: Final Physical Damage +(0.5/1/1.5/2 * Playing character level)
    Shadower: Speed +2/3/4/5%
    Thunder Breaker: Final Damage +(2/3/4/5 * Playing character level)
    Wild Hunter: 20% chance to deal 4/8/12/16% increased damage when attacking
    Wind Archer: DEX +10/20/40/80
    Xenon: Bonus Stat +5/10/20/40 for STR, DEX, and LUK.

    Traits are also something that'll help you, you may have noticed you get willpower, charm, diligence, insight, empathy, and ambition. These level up over time, and give you stat boosts.

    Amibition - IED, reduces EXP loss on death (you can easily get a lot of ambition from doing bosses, mini-bosses. The Silent Crusade questline is really good for this.)
    Charm - Unlocks the pocket slot, unlocks quests for free expressions (you can get charm from equipping equipments, and cash items, also from fame others can give.)
    Willpower - HP, Defense, Abnormal Status Resistance (you can easily get more willpower from staying online, or by completing party quests.)
    Diligence - Double mastery rate, scroll success rate (this one doesn't really matter much in Reboot, other than the mastery rate which is for professions, and the scroll success rate doesn't benefit potential scrolls.)
    Insight - Ignore Enemy Element Resistance, and increases the level in which you get free item potential reveals (you can gain more insight by mining ores.)
    Empathy - MP increase, Buff duration (to level this, you'll want to get the herbalism profession and pick herbs.)

    That's all I have for now, I wish you luck.
  • Nexon, really...? :/

    Arwen wrote: »
    Have the same problem too. But it's a bit better now after I did this:
    1. Clean the Cache and history from browser
    2. Run CMD as admin, and type: ipconfig/flushdns (Enter) and netsh winsock reset (Enter)
    3. Do a FULL SHUT DOWN.

    How to do a FUlly Shut Down?


    4. Start your computer again and star the game.

    PS: It's just help me a bit from Crashing to log in to Maple. But it doesn't help me with the lagg in Event Hall.

    Pretty sure none of this will help the game launch any better. Browser cache and DNS have nothing to do with the client crashing (DNS can only play a part in disconnections). It's a problem with the coding in the client itself, hence why it's only really a problem when you first launch the game, most likely it crashes as a result while connecting to either region's servers, I'm not a coding expert of course. Sometimes the client just suddenly stops working until it crashes before you even get into the game. Yes, restarting the computer after a patch is a good thing to do, as is when you install a new program or change system settings. But, not entirely necessary.

    If you feel your connection is part to blame, which is always a possibility, you need to reset your router or unplug it for a minute before replugging it in. If you have multiple devices connected to your router, you need to go into your router's configuration settings and make sure the "lease time" or reset schedules are set to a time late at night when the devices are usually off so you can help prevent IP conflicts. If your connection has a history of being poor, and you mostly get the "connection is unstable" error, you should always check the connection before launching MapleStory, hard router resets are good to do if your router's soft resets aren't cutting it. Otherwise, there isn't much anyone can do about the crashing, it's not a player's problem to fix.

    There are days where the client crashes endlessly and makes it hard to get into the game, and there are days I can successfully launch the client on the first couple tries and leave MapleStory up for hours afterwards with no issues. It's not predictable, it's random, and sometimes the client stops using CPU before it ever gets to the log in screen, until it crashes. And it being random makes it more than apparent that the coding when they implemented the region select, made connecting to the servers unstable, then again even in-game there are random crashes even if they're fairly rare, I'm sure it's also server-related. Pretty sure it started having the problem a bit before then too, albeit it was a rare occasion and mostly on the character select screen, which is why I believe it to be a server and client coding issue. But, nothing quite this bad. It affects most players, some are quite lucky and barely have to deal with the problem. Then again those may mostly be people that have the habit of leaving the client open and AFKing.

    Opting out of closing the client unless you absolutely have to is unfortunately one of the only options to avoid most of the crashes.
  • The New Update and Demon Avengers

    I don't think this new update is very friendly for Demon Avengers, especially those who main them, it made the class feel so crippled in terms of bossing.

    Demon Avengers lose HP by attacking, they basically got their HP halved now due to the fact that HP from equipment has been halved, and, the HP bar is so tiny and hard to pay attention to, because it doesn't value higher percentages of HP, so it's harder to notice exactly how much HP you're losing when you have so much and are distracted. It used to be pretty easy to tell how much HP you had, because it was so noticeable, you never really had to directly look at it. Demon Avengers are now practically crippled by this new update for those reasons alone.

    They lose HP way too fast, even with Forbidden Contract and Nether Shield, you can't always rely on Nether Shield, and Forbidden Contract has a 75 second cooldown so you can't rely on it to not lose HP. Don't get me wrong, Nether Shield is great for healing, but now it seems like not even your Nether Shields can save you. Overload Release also has never really been the best way to heal since it slows you down, and could easily lose a lot of the HP you healed during the few seconds it takes to build up speed again, so there isn't really any other options of healing unless it's potions.

    My point is, there's too many ways for Demon Avenger to lose HP now, when there used to be so many ways to heal to effectively balance that, how is a Demon Avenger supposed to do any good damage without dying numerous times in the process, and when your primary attack constantly saps 7k HP off of you every attack you make (with about 170k HP), and whenever you can't use Forbidden Contract or heal with Nether Shields? Potions aren't reliable, because there are cooldowns in some of the harder bosses.

    I do appreciate the buff in range Demon Avenger got even with the lack of HP now, but realizing that it means practically nothing due to this problems with this update, feels more like a nerf than a buff. I really love the class, and I hate to see this happen to it. Especially after some buffs became passive to decrease the amount of time spent buffing some months ago, now it feels like you spend more time trying to heal, and as a DA if you can't heal yourself effectively in a more intense boss, you're done for.

    And since that seems to be the case, in bosses like Magnus, where you pretty much have to let the green meteors hit you because you can't move when you use Exceed: Execution, deal with your HP being sapped whenever you're outside of Guwaru barrier, getting debuffed where your HP recovery gets diminished by 50%, you're not gonna be able to beat him like other classes with your range, because you're at a disadvantage. Demon Avengers need their HP, it just seems so unfair to allow a class that relies so heavily on having and using HP, to be hit so hard like this and work with such little HP.

    I can't even imagine what it's like to do Chaos Root Abyss with Demon Avenger, without working harder to fund it. Even before the update, Demon Avengers did lose HP fairly quick, but it never was nearly this bad. I would suggest giving Demon Avengers their HP back, be it a special skill or something, I don't know. Even if they still already have crazy amounts of HP in comparison to a lot of classes that don't even come close to what it has, the class just can't function as good without sufficient HP.

    Anyway, thank you for reading this post. Whether or not anything happens in GMS to fix this, I just hope an update in the future will at least help this issue.