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  • Look of the Month Contest April.


    >> Please Click For Album <<

    IGN: iimes

    World: Luna

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    - Midnight Bloom (Hat)
    - Rose (Face Accessory)
    - Flutter-Sleeve bell suit (Overall)

    What look you're going for (theme): Evening Summer Romance - Adorable evening outfit with elegant hat; rose added for extra romance appeal.
  • Trainer's Command Quest

    _Cas_ wrote: »

    The recent maintenance mentions this being fixed - So i login and check, and i still do not have the skill.

    Here's hoping it actually gets fixed next maintenance...

    Just to be certain: You got Pet Snack, talked to Bartos, and initiated/completed the quest which would reward it? I'm uncertain if it would just suddenly appear.

    I completed this quest in december...

    And the quest has not been reset so i can't even attempt it a second time.
  • Wedding Ceremony.

    I would like some help from people who have already gone through the hassle of doing this themself, as we've already tried to contact support about this and they do not know the answer to my question.

    Question: When i reach the required time/date to hold my 100Day wedding commitment ceremony, do BOTH me and my husband have to hold the NX commitment ticket in our inventories? (Does he need to purchase one AND i need to purchase one =2 total?)

    - I have checked ALL the npc options and they give me ZERO information on this.
    - I have looked up the old revamp patch notes for the wedding, which also give ZERO information on this.
    - My husband has tried contacting support for information but they told us they don't even know...

    My husband has already purchased a ticket, while in a party with me in the same map, and completed the quest. His ring upgraded and we got a message effect on the map. But my quest did not complete.
    I assumed only 1 of us need the commitment NX ticket - the whole reason of us needing to be in party with eachother - the only reason for this being a 'couple' quest - but nothing happened to my ring.
    I currently cannot buy myself a commitment ticket to even test this - nor do i want to waste 4k if this isn't the issue.

    So to sum it up - Do i also need to purchase the 4K NX commitment ceremony ticket aswell, in order to upgrade my ring? Or is my character just broken?

    ANY information to help would be appreciated - as google is useless and the support team couldn't help answer us - and there is no information anywhere to explain this.
    Thanks in advance.
  • (Luna) B> nx rose face accessory

    Hey there!

    Just a heads up, you may stand more chance at finding what you're after if you let people know the region/world you play in. Another note, giving a min/max price you're willing to offer would also help increase your chances of finding one.

    Either way, i wish you goodluck.
  • lul

    10969 wrote: »
    also they actually put in lucid hair for girls but for dudes like lul this is nexon trolling guys all day lul "female population apparently spends more than male population so let's just attract the women who spend money on this game by implementing stuff that they suggest and none that the dudes suggest"

    They will probably add the male version at a later date... You're being far too harsh judging so quickly.

    Also, blame the hundreds of males that chose to play female characters, if you are sticking by your own logic. There are probably more males playing females in maplestory, than there is actually females... Perhaps time for a switch for you? At least you can get your lucid hair then ;)