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  • I love the Login Music

    I LOVE Cygnus Garden, but it doesn't really fit the events going on (both right now and also when they changed it like a month ago?).

    I disliked the creepy El Nath track from last time, but it did fit the event it played for.

    Should use one of the Arcana bgms for when Beyond Override comes out. They all sound pretty nice. 'specially The Tune of the Azure Light. Fits Override obviously, and also seems like good login screen music (if you use Arcana-ish art for the world-select screen).

  • Cheating in Memory Game

    Why do they even show the cards in the beginning lol? It makes sense irl, cuz if the dude's using a camera you can tackle him, but in-game they may as well just not show them and have the "memory" part be remembering what cards have been shown so far. Even Kiko Match in Neopets doesn't show you the cards first lol.
  • How do I get Arcane Power?

    Did you get a quest that says to kill 10 (or so) Happy Erdas or something? I think you need to do that quest first, then the game'll take pity on you and give you an Arcane Symbol, which you can equip to give you 30 AF. Then you need to do a questline to unlock the ACTUAL symbol. Then you can start doing dailies/farming for more symbols to upgrade that symbol into a stronger symbol which'll give you more AF.

    Though if you're dying immediately, the first part might be hard lol. Might need to either upgrade your gear or ask someone in your server for help.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    There should really be checkpoints between floors... I appreciated that they're trying something a lot more interesting than collecting spammy event drops, but goddamn lol.

    I dunno, maybe we're complaining too early? I remember a lot of people complaining about MMF, but it turned out there were a lot of cheesy tricks you could do to fudge your way through it lol. Granted, each MMF level was only 2 mins, while these seem like they take longer per attempt...

    Also, are the wondroids voiced? Are they the generic "You must be my boss! teehee" ones? If they have unique voices, I might need them...
  • hot week reward

    They put it in a coin shop once, so maybe? I doubt they'd give it for just logging in one day though lol. Since Name Change Coupons are 15k NX. Maybe as an attendance reward would be a bit more reasonable? Like, the final reward in an event with very few spare days.