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  • MapleStory Login music

    I also don't really like the Lycanthrope/Coolie Zombie music lol. But at least it's not as annoying and in-your-face as EM AY PEE EL-EE-ES TEE-OH-ARR WHY...
    Arwoo wrote: »
    The current El Nath one was chosen to fit the spooky 12th Terrorversary theme.
    However, we do have plans to change the login music once again.

    Stay tuned!


    Re:Zero themed? :o

    OneLetter wrote: »

    Tune in TODAY March 3rd @ 2:00 PM PDT

    I'l go get my time machine.

  • looking for/buying maplestory merch!!

    There's this thread from about half a year ago where they said they were working on an official MapleStory store. Would love an update on how that's going. If it's still going at all lol.

    For stickers and phone cases, you can probably have those custom-made on some "design your own phone case/sticker" sites. I doubt you'll find very many premade phone cases for anything other than iPhones (if at all).

    I usually use etsy whenever I want fanmade merch. I also remember buying some MapleStory stickers from redbubble. But I checked both those sites and their selection seems a lot smaller than when I bought stuff a few years ago lol. I could've sworn redbubble at least had stickers of all the major character classes (I bought Angelic Buster, of course). Was cheap, too.
  • Can we please get a new PIC and Cash shop UI?

    I dunno how I feel about the new PIC UI (I'm used to pins being the standard 9-pad thingy), but I definitely want a revamped CS one. It's too hard to browse what items you have if you have too many... mainly from the Maplehood Watch event. Unless there's some way of expanding the cs inventory thingy that I'm not aware of? Would rather not have to move everything to my inv to be able to sift through them without frustration. Having an extra row would reduce a lot of that. And the rest of the CS UI just looks more modern.
  • How was your IGN invented?

    Neospector wrote: »
    I've told this story before, but I used to play Neopets when I was younger. I wanted a cool name, so I decided on "specter" as in "ghost", which my pre-pubescent brain decided to spell as "spector".

    Neo(pets) + "Spector" = Neospector

    LOL I used to prepend "Neo" to words and use the result as my IGN too. My first RuneScape (and MapleStory) char was named Neopian1, but I got a lot of hate cuz neopets was a "baby" game lol. So for later chars I just used "Neo" plus whatever. I wasn't very creative though. NeoMaging for an i/l, NeoSniping for an xbowman... before that I used Neothedude and Neotheguy, cuz I had a friend who named his chars Jackthedude or something.

    My old main was a marksman named PhineasFlynn, cuz I was into Phineas and Ferb at the time. Even had a robo named Perry.

    My current name is Amayzee, cuz Amazy Dayzees from Paper Mario. No idea why. I guess I was into Paper Mario at the time? I loved the original and TTYD. I feel like changing it though. I wanna change to Gumball, cuz TAWoG, but it doesn't seem to suit my char...

    And forum name is the best pokemon ever. Would LOVE to have it be my main's name, but it's taken. I do have the version with just the accented i, but I dunno how I feel about using accented characters lol.