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  • Versus Hilla

    I agree, I maybe able to defeat her but for anyone with a range of 1 mill or lower, there is no way you are doing this boss. I died once and my range is 3 mill. For story purposes this is highly unfair to lower power players
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    OK wow this is getting out of control, do you honestly think nexon listened to us when they never have before?

    I think not, look I bet they got reports on there logs of mass leveling on all characters and had to take a long time to finally find out what was causing it. If they listened to the threads then we would have lost this broken event ages ago. It took them a day to reliese that this was happening so I highly doubt any of them were checking the forums.

    I knew it wouldn't last long because its such an easy thing to notice, that people are literally leveling 10 times in 2 minutes which is impossible no matter how you look at it.

    I will not understand why certain people wanted it fixed but I don't blame them for it being fixed, as I feel from how long it took nexon to see this mistake it was not due to people reporting the problem in forums
    Keyan the EvanNyara
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    Games back, lets see how much it has been ruined lol
  • BBF Massive Exp. Possible Glitch

    This isn't a glitch, it's a miracle xD
  • 2x event was that twice the lag?

    Dear Nexon,
    Sort it out like wtf was that, how can you even have the gull to call that lagfest an event, monster where doing the manniquine challenge for 10 seconds, I FREAKING COUNTED!.
    Everyone was smegaring in rage, I never seen so many complaints, there may have been more bit I was dcing all the time by your dip **** GM police admin ****. Like ffs don't release an event if its not stable, many of us lost exp cards and drop card, including the limited 3x cards. I usually can get 3 levels or 5 in these events bit cause of the horse **** lag I barely got 1!.

    Compensation needs to be addressed, make a 4x card or give us some level potions cause that experience shows me and a lot of plays you really don't give a ****!