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  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    Player Name: Doremí
    World: Windia
    Chair Name: Lucid Dream Chair

    If image won't load:

    Chair Description: Inspired by the new boss coming out on the V Update, Lucid. This chair is a Couple Chair, it may be sat alone but when you pair it near another player’s Lucid Dream Chair, shatter pieces of her favorite butterflies present itself fluttering around her scent from the hat. Behind the butterflies unveil shades of pink, purple, and blue which lies underneath the power of the V.

    Legend states there were five incredible heroes who venture on a journey to protect their home by rising against Lucid who brought terror to the lands nearby. With the five heroes combined, they managed to take down the infamous Lucid. During the battle, before Lucid takes her final breath, she released her cherished hat into the distance. This hat contains her beloved friends she cherishes the most. She was able to set them free into the Maple World when a wandering merchant stumble upon this hat and managed to reproduced it as the hat itself. Little did he know about the creatures that lurks within the hat. With the hat being replicated and altered to be used as fashion and a chair, the butterflies hid their identity from any harm they may stumble upon. While the merchant replicates the hat, it was a time of prosper and good time, the whole town is celebrating the defeat of Lucid, thus this gave the merchant an idea to engrave a large V to show respect to the five incredible heroes who shook the world with their unfathomable power.

    As the hats finally being finalized, he set up a price of V coins which serves as a currency to obtain this hat. One after another, the hats are distributed all around the Maple World and galaxies beyond. As the young adventures wore the hat and sat on the chair with one another, the butterflies felt something warm, so they decide to come out to see what it was. As they flutter their wings, it releases their aura which set an array of beautiful colors around themselves. With the wandering merchant’s engraved V on the hat to represent the heroes, an electrifying effect shrouds the V. With the butterfly’s aura and the electrifying V, it was an eye-catcher to many adventurers. It became a big hit and immediately spread even faster than the initial release of the hat.

    The hat magically floats mid-air, when another players sits with the same chair, the chair effects will show. You can see the butterflies flutter their wings in place and the V glow with electric flashing back and forth.

    Different Perspective:
    http://imgur.com/9TbfcA1 (Solo In-Game View)
    http://imgur.com/ruYXWlN (Couple In-Game View)
    http://imgur.com/QIUqNmU (Hat Itself)
    http://imgur.com/KMMlLx0 (Effect Itself)

    P.S. Please ignore my horrible grammar. Thanks for viewing!