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for anyone that wants to help list of suggestions


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  • and for no reason at all

    that ontop of the boss revamp kinda killed my hype for the patch..

    kinda? i think its like they want us to do something else but bossing um maybe staying afk in a town or killing mobs somewhere?
    dude i miss when training in a party was a good thing but nobody does cause everyone can buff themselves
    to get a tremendous amount of exp anyways
  • Hoping GM will see and answer me please!

    Of course as a AH as a tool can be useful sometimes but most of the time people find out how to abuse of such tools to increase what they get selling stuff instead of building a stable economy

    you think Nexon doesnt abandon loyal players? well this may hurt you a bit but its not personal JoseCh its a business to begin with

    this comes from a player that has spent 12 years
    ~i have been permanently banned once unfairly
    ~my main class the Pirate ~ Brawler branch its been nerfed to the ground to the point that they removed the core transformation at one point
    ~then to add salt to the wound they added a mount with some of the original transformation animations
    ~the "5th job was a complete disapointment for me cause they claimed that the transformation skill was coming back but it wasnt true

    but then again not everything is bad

    ~the permanent ban was removed cause it was due some gameguard error issue
    ~even tho you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time to get what you want as free to play like me i dont regret any time spent in maplestory
    ~before and after the bigbang its been a very rough voyage for both the players and the guys and gals trying to keep this boat afloat
    ~they took a lot of things away but gave me a lot of things i wanted aswell
    ~i cannot even play right now cause the direct gamelauncher was removed and am forced to download 10gb everytime a big update comes

    But in the end after all the struggle theres always a treasure only for those brave enough to endure the storms
  • Will the Wondroid event ever return in the future?

    WatcherCCG wrote: »
    After all the hate they got for the JQ nonsense and the elitist gatekeeping it inspired, I really hope Nexon NA either scraps this event or nerfs the hell out of it should try ever try to run it again. Events should be accessible to everyone, not a handful of old-timers from the days of John's Bucket and Shumi's Coin.

    this opinion doesnt help anyone in th community or nexon
    for starters am glad nexon did try something diferent i hope they keep up with a mix of things to do in order to entertain the players
    after a while it gets boring to kill 200 "insert random mob name" for an item type of event

    am happy that jump quests came back with a twist the wondroids are meh but i like the level 120 heart more than any of the wondroids
    the jump quests are not hard at all there are guides in youtube and tips but like a lot of people said already patience is key

    if you get triggered &/or depresed because you fail at somepoint
    instead of getting angry think what went wrong on your part so you wont do it again
    this event is acesible to everyone its your choice to avoid it or to give up in the middle of it
    this comes from one of those you call old-timers
  • Chu Chu Party Quest Guide

    Ivangold wrote: »
    Chu Chu Party Quest is a party quest for lv210+, where you can obtain Chu Chu Symbols, you can do the PQ multiple times a day, you can get experience and Arcane Symbols of Chu Chu one.

    you forgot to add the minimum damage range for doing it for example unless your class its good at mobbing and with a range of 800k+ and 100 arcane power its not enough for many to be able to kill the mobs fast enough you need 160 in normal at least you wont be able to solo normal to begin with unless you are in a party... easier i guess? i wonder what its more enjoyable doing it solo or in a party mmh never found any party to do it so i just do normal (barely)

  • Can we talk about live chat and reporting hackers?

    JushiroNet wrote: »
    lie detectors when?

    never cause botters also have the bypass for lie detectors from kms already
    also lie detectors are used more often than not just to anoy other players that are afk
    players from kms dont abuse it soo much but am pretty sure the community of gms will abuse it no doubt