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for anyone that wants to help list of suggestions


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  • What one thing would you change about your class?


    the real transform and many of its skills need to come back
  • GMs response to hackers

    this is why many hackers seems to never go away, they seem to be giving them just warnings as long as they can respond to them and apparently now with a new hack that simulates replies to whispers even that can be bypassed. This is ridiculous and as someone that has never cheated in this game and seen it for 10+ years and seen them getting away with it, bragging about it and now this, its severely discouraging at the very least.

    well maybe if hacking was allowed so everyone could enjoy the game more and waste less time to begin with since nexon its one of many really greedy and backstabing types just like blizzard but less rich imo~

    kappa~{just in case since i get a lot of censorship otherwise}
  • [list]{suggestions from everyone}

    Allright this is going to be the same list of suggestions from the previous forum yet ill still change and add stuff from both forums also am going to start another similar thing somewhere else but for now while i gather stuff

    ♪♫ Add the option to manage link skills in the character selection menu

    ♪♫Remove level restriction of [Boss:Balrog] : being lv 65~lv 100 normal
    and change the number from 10 to 2~5 entry limit

    ♪♫Make all types of untradeable items tradeable only withing the user account please

    ♪♫Add Retz again to ludibrium please


    ♪♫Add bonus potential cubes to the reward points shop

    ♪♫Allow players to (drag/bind) familiars in the keyboard setting window

    ♪♫Increase the characters decks from 3 to 5

    ♪♫Increase the link skill slots from 12 to 15

    ♪♫Release Aditional Options system


    ♪♫Revamp nebulites to be more accesible and not overpowered for everyone that includes [S] rank

    ♪♫Release Auction House in GMS please

    ♪♫Add the chance to Recover Ghost ship badge by redoing the whole quest line

    ♪♫Add the option to use potential scrolls on pocket items

    ♪♫Bring back the old monster carnival revamped accordingly to suit the time being

    ♪♫Dont lower the exp in any areas when new ones are released please

    ♪♫Change the maximum level allowed in some party quests from 200 to 250

    ♪♫Separate Reboot from regular rankings


    ♪♫Remove antihack system & hard magnus drop restriction


    ♪♫Allow players to have an option menu that hides all unwanted character animation effects

    ♪♫Additional options for Damage Number Display toggle options just a few ideas
    examples we have this that sooner or later covers most of the screen what if we could round up all damage into a single number or a short one?

    how about just one number big but not enough to cover your full screen?
    or one that even makes the damage even smaller like this

    ♪♫Explorer Link Skills


    ♪♫Add the full sweet water set to be purchasable for Denaro in all worlds

    ♪♫NX Cash Item Request Event{id love to be able to request something to buy and wear lol from old nx items that are no longer obtainable }


    ♪♫Profession Improvements

  • [Forum] Custom avatars - when?

    please nexon i wantz my custom avat plox zoz soon~ish?~♪♫

  • Old Maplestory nostalgia?

    i found this and almost made me cry lol
    This is a fix zakum party to help the 12 people aquire each of their job skills
    which drop from the demonic stone figure, the Zakum.
    Dec 8, 2007

    that was zakum its just one example of how things changed
    now look at zakum now
    Sep 7, 2016
    this person wanted to...
    could solo Zakum with an 8k-9k range and some Unripe Onyx Apples i found in FM for a few mil each.

    its the first time i see someone dying on normal zakum after the chaoz zakum revamp ....


    like i said early i think some changes are good but some are not for the better i guess yet...
    i still love this game