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  • Fix Dark Knight and Paladin hyper skill upgrades

    crimson24 wrote: »
    you still don't know what your talking about. my main is not even a hero or marksman its a night lord. do I really need to list all of the classes with their main mobbing skill on their hyper skill upgrades? What I'm discussing is just common sense, it is well known that most of the classes in the game have their mobbing skill on hyper skill upgrades. my "feelings" are generally right because I have been playing many different jobs at a decently high level for a long time.(10 years+)

    If your main isn't even the classes you're talking about here then you have no right to propose "proper" balance. The fact that you think you know more about this game than anyone else is quite the elitist attitude to take even when you're shown actual proof that you're wrong.
  • Lack of balance between classes

    crimson24 wrote: »
    L4d2jpn wrote: »
    Piercing Arrow
    Fires an arrow. Its effect increases with each enemy it hits.
    Level 1: MP Cost: 24, Damage: 205%, Max Enemies Penetrated: 6, Number of Attacks: 4, final damage increases by 20% at every pierce and damage is doubled.
    Level 30: MP Cost: 42, Damage: 350%, Max Enemies Penetrated: 6, Number of Attacks: 4, final damage increases by 20% at every pierce and damage is doubled.

    350*4 = 1400
    Fd increases by 20% per pierce and damage is doubled.


    Raging Blow
    Deals multiple blows to multiple enemies in front of you. The final blow will always be a critical. While you are Enraged, your single attacks are more powerful. Must be Level 30 or above to learn Hyper Skill Cry Valhalla.
    Level 1: MP Cost: 22, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 152%, Number of Attacks: 5, Final attack is critical. When in Enrage, Attack: 9 times, Damage: 109%, the final two attacks are criticals.
    Level 30: MP Cost: 40, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 268%, Number of Attacks: 5, Final attack is critical. When in Enrage, Attack: 9 times, Damage: 167%, the final two attacks are criticals

    Flat 268 * 5 = 1340

    1400 absolute min (with potential of +1.2*2 for a grand total of 3360) vs static 1340.

    Summed up by darkpassenger with a 490k hero range hitting 1.5m vs 47k MM hitting 300-500k. His marksman can theoretically out damage his hero with around 141k-230k range.

    At this point in time, you've got to just be trolling.

    you completely ignored advanced combo attack.(and its 20% final damage hyper skill) I have a hero and a marksman within 5 levels of each other in the 180s. you don't know what your talking about. the damage on piercing shot is not doubled by the way and the extra damage per pierce is basically worthless because half of the mobs only take nearly half damage and do not die.

    Of course you could 1 shot everything if you are funded enough but that is not the point. my point is that hero, dark knight, archmage, and other powerful jobs are much stronger than an explorer archer that has the same funds because of the damage built into the classes and the ease at applying their damage.

    DarkPassenger uploaded a video of his hero at 490k doing 1.5m lines versus his MM at 47k doing 300-500k. Your obsession is with bonus/final damage which just shows in your range which is displayed here and with all that, the hero would be doing less.

    If you still want to ignore that, then you're obviously trolling.

    Congrats on finding the job you want to play, I'll be looking forward to what else you want to complain about with hero.

    *edit* Here, because you can only seem to visualize numbers:
    My Hero @ 49k fully buffed using frozen set, nothing other than my legion which is linked to crit dmg, buff dur and some IED. My MM is using full fensalir with nothing else @ 20k.

    First image - Hero, nothing to say other than the damage you see here is about what you would normally see on average.
    Second - MM, 1v1 with piercing shot @ 0 range. *****EVEN ON NONCRIT IT WAS 90K WHICH RARELY OCCURRED*****
    Third - MM, 1v1 with Snipe @ 0 range.
    Fourth - MM, Piercing Shot Multi targets. Note here how the final hits are doing more than double.

    You favor melee style, just stick with your hero and stop complaining about something you have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Stonetooth Sword From "Black Crow?"

    It's been a few months but I did get a ST sword from ninja castle so I assume Kaede Ninto still drops it.
  • event feedback: Not enough coins per day

    With due diligence, you're currently looking at:
    99*15=the event
    50=Friday utc ms2 hotweek
    99*2=2 Sunny Sunday doubles

    For a total of 1733 coins. Without kishin/frenzy and still one shotting level appropriate mobs at slurpy that's about 1.5hr commitment fully focused.

    If people don't one shot, that's easily 2x or more time required to just finish getting the daily coins. No one in gms in their right mind would want to do this on multiple characters either. I thought doing VJ and chuchu was a time commitment, that's nothing compared to this.
  • Lack of balance between classes

    For reference.

    Also, I saw your other post about secondaries so I fully understand how biased you are.