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  • Closing old forums 1/31/2017


    What we do know is a lot of the times they don't make "smart decisions."

    Ex- Repeating 2x events that causes lag.
    They continue to say they are aware of the issue yet they keep giving us 2x events that bring most of the community to be online within a 3 hour period for the 2x event.
    This causes lag yet they keep on doing it .
    It's almost like the "live" servers are their test servers.

    You may say "The lag is much better now."
    There's a probability that players have quit due to the lag in the previous events so they don't come back for the next event.

    You can see the returning pattern if you know what I mean.

  • Aesthetic Set Bonuses.

    These ideas are actually very nice.

    There should be a button to toggle it on/off so players don't get annoyed.

  • Closing old forums 1/31/2017

    @AlexandreFournier , the difference is that to fix the bug requires work, but to leave the old forums as they are requires no work.

    (And personally I believe they're actually trying to fix that bug, since as you say it's costing them money. But they're too incompetent to. Maybe the notes left by their programmers who solved the Error 38 thing were also purged at some point due to being "irrelevant", so they're having to research it all from scratch. It took six months last time...)
    You may want to give examples of what they can do with the code to fix it or show you have extensive knowledge about coding itself. Otherwise calling them incompetent comes right back at you.

    Are you really expecting regular players to give routes on how to exploit a code and show the developers a way to fix it?

  • Closing old forums 1/31/2017


    Re-link the new forums to the old forums and keep the old forums in a different section where players can check for old history for valuable information. (It is not hard at all.) This way everybody who click the "forum" link on the website will be led to the new forums.

  • Disable Megaphone chat

    I'm not asking you to remove megaphone chat, i'm asking you to have a option for players to hide it.

    I keep my chat box small because of the game's resolution being too low.

    There's a problem.
    The megaphone chat spam is annoying.
    I miss my guild chat/alliance chat important comments because of this.

    I'm on reboot.