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  • Eluna event times need addressed

    Congrats to everyone who let their voices be heard on this. They just announced their next maintence, and have noted the event is now 24 hours a day. it will be starting in the same way, but now, you are not bound to do it during the original UTC time frame.

    Good job, everyone. you let your voices be heard, and argued your case in a respectful and constructive manner.
  • Implementing KMS voice lines

    I would rather turn them off completely rather than change them. they don't effect gameplay, and they are repeditive and annoying.
  • Eluna event times need addressed

    possibly, set it for every hour, 24 hours a day. why have a specific window at all?

    I just don't see any positive to anything they have done in setting this to such an awkward time.

    it excludes a lot of people.
  • Eluna event times need addressed

    for example. it is almost 5am utc. for someone such as me, in the pacific standard time zone, it means the event starts at 2 am local time. and is over by around late afternoon. most of its time is going to be smack dab in the time when a lot of people in the western two time zones will be asleep.

    this works for eMS.

    it doesn't work for gMS. the smaller market gets the benefit, and the larger market gets shafted.

    it really needs to be server specific. set it to 9am eastern time. that would mean it would start around 6am pacific, which is far from as much a loss as 2am is. that gives the rest of us a chance.
  • Eluna event times need addressed

    the eluna event in the NA server seems to be broken. using the clocks that appear at stations, it implies that the event will, for people in parts of NA, run overnight when most of us are sleeping, and not in the evenings, when a lot of people in the NA servers play.

    can you either remove the time limit, and just limit entries per day, or set it for both servers to be accessable to people who don't want to throw their entire sleep schedule out of whack to participate.