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  • Please adjust Pink Bean Prequest for Beginner

    I main my Beginner character and have run into an issue for a long time with the Pink Bean prequest.
    I'm able to do every other boss (outside of Arcane River), but Pink Bean's prequest has an issue for me.
    Part of the Memory Keeper's section requires your character to speak to their first job advancement NPC. Obviously, as a Beginner, I don't have one.
    I've even tried using a remote quest completer to no avail.


    This is the only part of the questline that requires something like this.

    For other quests in the game, beginners do have special handling. Many quests around Ludi, for example, give beginner-specific rewards, and the Zakum boss prequest allows beginners to participate by having them talk to the warrior job instructor.

    What I'd like is the same to happen here -- if the quest could just default to an NPC like Dances with Balrog if an appropriate NPC could not be found.
    I know this change would only impact a handful of people, but it feels like such a shame that I can do every other part of this quest except this one, meaning I can't ever go with friends to Pink Bean/Chaos Pink Bean.
  • Alternative to SY/DWT dailies/droplet farming

    Beef wrote: »
    Petalmagic wrote: »
    I still wish we would get a droplet daily, but this isn't a terrible idea.

    Droplet daily can be abuse, which is why I don't want it. I rather have it locked behind the bosses because hackers can just run droplet daily scripts and that just ruins the prices of something that's meant to be end game especially when u know people can make a large bot farm for it.

    Stop punishing/ruining things for normal players to combat botters.
    There should be droplet dailies/weeklies so that normal players can work towards getting gear.
    If botters start abusing those, then deal with the botters.
  • Kanna Hackers on Bera

    How about we get a GM to take a look at Mu Lung/Herb Town in Bera right now. The past week it's been impossible to find a single map in this entire area on any channel because there's 2-3 bots in every map, every channel.
    You'd think it'd be easy to just nuke them all real quick.
  • So about that "NO DAMAGE CAP!" thing...

    Absolutely disgusting. Even if the glitch wasn't there at the end, they would have only succeeded by a few seconds.

    Stuff like this just puts me off wanting to play, knowing I'll never be able to contribute towards this boss just kills any motivation.
    It just saddens me that this is the direction that Maplestory is continuing to go in. I thought we were making progress, but this is just 10 steps back.

  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    I can't get any better at it because I have ONE chance to ace a new part of the stage. One mistake, and I have to go all the way to the beginning. By the time I get back, I've lost any experience on the new part.
    This was originally TMS content, from what I've seen. Either the taiwanese are sadomasochists or have superhuman patience/precision.

    Overall, I say forget this event. Let the 'roids die. Sentient AI is too dangerous, anyway.