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  • Potential and Nebulite Junk Lines

    As part of the "Better Maple" thing, we removed accuracy lines and the hat-specific "10% chance to feel x when attacked" lines from the potential pool before they were removed altogether during the V update.I'm asking for something similar.

    The potentials that I would propose be removed from the pools are:
    "x% chance to ignore y damage" -armors
    "x% chance to ignore y% damage" -armors
    "1/2% chance to apply Auto-Steal" -Glove specific pool

    There are other potential lines that are similarly useless, but are only in lower tiers, like HP/MP recovery on accessories and abnormal status on weapons. Because they are in low tiers, it could be argued that it's more rewarding to the player for getting higher tier items for better potentials.
    These other potentials I'm proposing against are in high-tier potential pools, making it very hard to get good lines even once you've tiered up to unique or legendary. This seems counter-intuitive to include them on high-tier items.

    These lines are useless because:
    The armor ones do not proc reliably not do they proc in situations where they would be useful (like bosses). Even the worst potential lines like %MP at least improve your stats. These do nothing but clutter the pool to make it artificially harder to get anything decent. They also seem to be heavily weighted in the pools for tops, bottoms, and shoulders.
    The auto-steal potential is completely useless. It's impossible to tell when it procs, because it only procs on non-boss mobs, which most players will 1-2 hit kill. The idea itself is obsolete.

    For Nebulites, I'd like to see the following nebulites removed/changed:
    -D rank nebulites for face expressions on hats removed
    -all rank nebulites for "x% chance to ignore y/y% damage" removed
    -merging magic defense and weapon defense nebs into DEF nebs

    For those nebs removed that are currently in player inventories, an appropriate nebulite could be given to replace them. Maybe +1 all stat nebs for the Ds and +DEF nebs for the damage defense nebs.
    I think this would go a long way in helping players obtain better nebulites when fusing while still keeping it relatively balanced.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    It's funny seeing all these people making accounts on the forum just to post here.
    Call me skeptical, but I think OP's friends got called to come dogpile the thread to try to bury all the backlash.

    To be clear, I don't know the specifics about anyone's bans, but if you truly believe your ban was unjust, take it up in a ban appeal ticket. It's clear that the intention of this thread was to try to manufacture outrage to attempt to get Nexon to cave, rather than go through the proper channels.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    sorlui wrote: »
    i too have been playing this game since beta and in my own opinion, this is an unjust / unfair ban. from what I understand, nexon banned them due to participating in the exploit of these arcane weapons. however, instead of investigating it further, there was just a chain ban of whoever was holding the item for even just a second.
    nexon should just track down the person/people who were involved in "hacking", and have them banned and delete the item(s) that were obtained from this process.

    The only way someone would "hold the item for even just a second" is if they were involved in some way.
    These things weren't cheap and they weren't on the market to just any noob innocently walking around the FM one day.
    Everyone that touched these weapons knew exactly that they were illicitly obtained. This facade needs to stop.

    A perma ban for those that only bought might be excessive, but from what the CS team is telling the CM and then telling us, it seems like they only banned those that were involved. I'm inclined to believe them given the shady nature of how these items were sold.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    BabyGaga wrote: »
    Innocent or guilty these players are the most active and valuable to the maple community. Everyone made stupid choices, but wouldnt you like to be given a second chance when you make a stupid decision? If so give them a second chance regardless if they innocent or guilty.

    Attitudes like this is why the community's standards have deteriorated over the years.
    And we don't know if those banned were also using the exploit themselves to obtain the weapons in the first place and merely moving it to their own account.
    And besides, if you're visiting certain sites where these items were being sold, chances are you are doing other things strictly forbidden.

    There needs to be some kind of punishment to show that this behavior isn't acceptable. It's the first step towards repairing the community's toxic attitudes towards cheating.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    You guys are all missing the point and it's a shame. Yea, we all know these people aren't completely innocent but it's quite sad how the attention shifted away from the hackers, exploiters, and dupers and stuck on the banned 'pros'. Whether it's because you guys are jealous, intolerable to mistakes, or simply ignorant, almost everyone here is condemning the people who got banned for getting into this situation, when the blame should be placed on the exploiters who made all of this happen. Hackers continue to run rampant and ruin this game but I'm glad we can all sit here and judge these people who got banned.

    Because they are one in the same.
    These people bot or hack on other accounts, leaving their main account "legit."
    I'm not calling anyone out specifically, but it is a common tactic among the super "pro."