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  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    The innocent act is getting really old.
    Players put on this mask when appealing to Nexon when they know all too well what they've done.
  • On/Off skills should stay on when reviving!

    Battlemages have a similar issue. Would be very nice to have them stay after death.
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    This thread has just devolved into cancer.
    Will some mod please just lock or delete it?
    Keyan the Evan
  • BFF Event

    You said the event was too broken before, but you want a guaranteed level-up PER RUN regardless of level now?
    That would make it far MORE broken. 1-250 would be doable in a day under your proposal.

    I personally think the exp would have been fine to leave as is if it wasn't for unlimited entries. Being limited to 10 times per day would add the needed balance to the mob exp. What's broken is the ability to do it unlimited times per day + the mob exp scaling. People were not even participating in the event as intended. They didn't attempt to complete the content, or even do the content with random players. They just mass-reject until they find their partner and ditched the content immediately after the monster park section.

    Hell, those of us that wanted the coins were out of luck because we would get rejected immediately by people surfing the match-making for their partner.
    JettLuvsUAgent_DragonfuryZeldaOfHyruleKeyan the Evan
  • I dislike how botting violations are enforced.

    Nexon wouldn't have people doubting their policy if they'd get on the ball and just start throwing out perma bans for obvious bots.
    There is a guy or group of people in Broa/Khaini making blaster bots with max damage hacks impersonating other players in the server and other guilds. I've reported them numerous times. The same ones, and over a week and they're still in the same map. They even have obvious tradeable drop gear on and lucid-kill medals.

    If Nexon doesn't get on this soon, the economy is going to be thrown out of whack irreversibly. It's just going to be a few weeks until we see botted-for arcane gear on the market. Nodestones are already plummetting in price and there's tons and tons of stacks of them. And nexon's way of "fixing" the nodestone issue at least, seems to be lowering the drop rate of them without even telling us. Now the only way to get them in substantial amounts is to rely on bots, making the problem worse.

    Please just dedicate someone to cc through DWT and arcane river and banhammer these guys. They are acting with impunity as-is.

    That's not always possible. It can be very difficult to block the hacks while not inadvertently making it impossible to play legit. This is because a lot of these hacks skirt around the game's hack detection through loopholes that are meant to prevent legit players from being falsely detected. Think about it. Have you ever been lagging and gotten the "You have been disconnected by the GM Police for the HACK reason" message? They give some wiggle room in the hack detection to prevent players setting it off from lag and whatnot.
    Patching hacks is ironically the temporary solution. Ban enforcement is the longer-term solution. When botting becomes too risky because of a more prevalent enforcement policy, you'll see much less of it. But hackers will always find a way around the hack detection programs.