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    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Considering that "our concern" has historically been multiple threads crying about constant extensions, I'm sure you can see why they'd opt for "until further notice" messages.

    You act like people have no right to complain when they aren't satisfied with Nexon's way of doing things. You always rear your self-righteous head at these times, white shining armor donned, sword and shield in hand, ready to knock down any one who shows any level of dissatisfaction or discontent with this company. What you're going up against is human nature, and you're going to lose. The translation is this- that underneath the complaints are people who are passionate about this game and want to see real improvements.

    Basically you're advocating a focus on the negative on Nexon's behalf, excusing them for supposedly responding to only the dissatisfaction of players and customers by restricting or punishing every one equally. Okie dok. You know what? Regardless of how much people complain, I believe a company should keep a professional attitude about such matters if they want to continue to do business. In fact, rather than dish out punishment or restriction for negative feedback, they should stay even more steadfast and work even harder to deliver amplified quality and reassurance to their players/customers.

    The level of compliments versus complaints are a barometer of success to a business, pointing to the fact that they need to change things for the better, yet Nexon doesn't do much in the way of changing their practices when it comes to a lot of these issues, or they change them for the worse. So yeah buddy, you're gonna hear it from us 'till we see changes for the better.
  • Nexon changing Donald

    The real reason is because he was grabbing too many players by the package.
  • This lag is ridiculous.

    People are more salty about the company Nexon itself and their poorly expressed leadership and lack of communication, yet continue to play Maplestory for the love of the GAME and hanging with their friends, not for the company itself. Admittedly, Nexon occasionally gets a few things right here and there, and it's like a real breath of fresh and promising air on days when that happens. BUT, by and large, it is obvious that they are not exactly on top of things when it comes to giving players what they REALLY want to see changed and doing said things in a timely manner.

    bumbertyr, take your foggy goggles off for a minute and look around. A lot of people are not happy with Nexon's lack of service and presentation when it comes to certain things, some of which have been going on senselessly for YEARS without being fixed, despite the endless complaints both on these forums and all over other gaming community sites...to say nothing of all the ninja nerfing they are so horrible about (lack of transparency/avoiding confrontation) among other things.

    The best we can do now in make jokes about it to alleviate some of the frustrations that come with the issues. The lag situation may not be the easiest thing to deal with as an MMO company and I get that, but the fact that they act all hunky-dory or dodgy about (working as intended!) it is what has a lot of players overall irked.
  • Let us forfeit the special beauty coupon event

    The problem comes in to play when you are bossing, questing, etc. You can't pick up items that you need to, some of them being timed and all that business, and then the ones where that message pops up, telling you to clear inventory space (even for rewards that do not allocate to the USE tab) and is extra annoying if you're in a place where being constantly and relentlessly being assaulted by monsters (catch your breath so you can drop an item, because makes holy s--ttin' perfect sense, right) and it's an inconvenience to you + whoever else might be in the group, tapping their foot and waiting on you. Then you gotta go about explaining how your inventory was full and all that crapola, if you aren't already kicked out of the group because of the fact that almost all Maplestory players are about the most impatient salts concentrated in to one game and want everything done perfectly smoothly and want it yesterday, most especially in the daily questing environment!

    This is the same lazy Nexon behavior with these regurgitated annoying annual event mechanics going unfixed, as usual...or maybe they just secretly like to read our complaints and leave in certain elements they know we will gripe about.
  • No response from Nexon, do you care about us?

    The biggest problem here is that we absolutely LOVE Maplestory the game as a concept, but absolutely can't stand the way Nexon America runs it. They do not give the game its due respect and the attention it needs to reach its full potential.

    I vote that they pass forward this real gem of a game to a company that knows what the hell they are doing with an MMO.