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  • update: I got my stolen guild back.

    30 days is not long enough to be considered as "inactive."

    I'm sorry for your loss OP.
    If you start another thread to change the 30 day period to a longer time though I'll give you my full support.
  • Dreamy/Magnificent Night Effect Ring - No Preview

    No preview for the animation:
    - Cash shop - Double clicking the item in the Neo Box does not show the effect.

    Image can be found on the website - https://nxcache.nexon.net/cms/2021/q2/1829/neo-pssb-2-maplestory-june-30-cash-shop-update.png
  • Hollow apology and complete lack of clarification.

    I would like to see transparency on the familiar rates.
  • Justice For Hurricane Classes

    The difference is that you will never get to convince GMS to boost the damage of hurricane only classes because they follow KMS balance patches and likely don't have their own dedicated balance team. So to me, it sounds perfectly logical. I don't see why it is so scary for GMS to go through with unpopular but balanced changes. Perhaps you have a stake in this? Bishop can't spam full-map attack anymore. Bishop can't spam heal anymore. You can't Kanna kishin mule anymore. You can't get legendary 2nd and 3rd IA lines anymore. Yes, they will face backlash. Do people still play bishops despite nerfs? Yes. Do people still play Kannas despite nerfs? Yes. Do people still roll for unique inner ability? Yes. Do people still play Adeles despite nerfs? Yes.

    Breaking attack speed has its own form of inbalance when KMS class balance takes into account hard cap stage 2 attack speed. That's a fact you can't get around.

    On a side note: Classes weaker than hurricane classes with capped attack speed is indeed not my problem. That's for KMS balance team to work out.

    Please watch your patronizing tone.
    I just wanted to see what your true colors were based on how you answered my questions. It is quite clear now you are only concerned for yourself and have no regard for any class that is beneath yours; therefore, I am going to strongly disagree with your suggestion about nerfing attack speed. Your answer to non-hurricane classes that have it worse than you was "not my problem." have you ever heard of double standards?

    To make my point even further: My class would benefit greatly from this change and I am still against it. Why? Because your suggestion will cause so much backlash and upset so many players that it's not logical. You aren't even willing to meet half way on a solution.

    I would also like to point out that DPM charts do not reliably rank classes and that the majority of Black Mage solos in GMS are in fact cleared by hurricane classes.

    The fastest Black Mage solo clear in GMS is actually performed by a Wind Archer:

    Phantom Black Mage solo:

    Wild Hunter Black Mage solo:
  • Justice For Hurricane Classes

    Which is more logical?
    (1) Rebalance a few unhappy classes by boosting their % damage; or
    (2) Upset 90% of your player base by nerfing the attack speed cap and then having endless backlash on social media platforms?

    On a side note: What about the classes that are weaker than hurricane classes even with capped attack speed? What's your solution to that? Not your problem?