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  • Constantly Behind Schedule

    0AN1 wrote: »
    Patience is a virtue. They care or MS would have been dead years ago. Maybe you should apply to Nexon if you think you can develop patches better?

    Well hes not the one getting paid for that job u know. When u apply for a job ure expected to do the job good and without problems cuz its yr job, sure sometimes thing can go wrong i understand that, but its on every single big patch, the maintenances get extended and there are 1 or more unsch maintenances, u can fk up sometimes,but not ALWAYS, cyz that makes the customer to lose faith in the company :(
  • recent kanna ban

    A bann for suiciding is stupid.
    Leaving that aside, putting legit players in the same place with hackers dont sound ok.
    Is like a thief that steals a loaf of bread gets the same prison sentence than a murderer, oesnt make sense at all.
  • Community Topic Regarding Suicide Kanna

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Feel free to hate me, I'm just here to tell Nexon that I think it's a good policy.
    I highly doubt anyone will agree with me and I'm not here to change minds.
    I just want Nexon to know that not everyone is mad about this.

    I dont hate u, but i dont understand y u defend a company that does nothing for the playerbase and only cares about getting more and more money.
    I understand that nexon is a company and needs money but what they dont understand is that a happy playerbase is willing to spend more money in a game than an unsatisfied one, with all the changes they make to the game it only does progession slower and more difficult with every patch they release and the end result of this is more people quitting the game and less people willing to spend money on it
  • Bye Bye Mesos Farming?

    Well ure screwed now since nexon has come up with this smart idea that suiciding to stay on a certain level is a bannable offense, so good luck progressing as a new player on reboot. Oh and dont forget to buy our new royal hairs and boxes and spend 200 dollars just to not get what u were looking for
  • marvel machine

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    darik wrote: »
    My suggestion: Stop spending money on marvel machine seriously, not until they fix the main problems this game has(2 pc meta, lag, disconnections, hackers) should u spend money on it

    Frenzy Totem will solve 2 PC meta

    first frenzy isnt on marvel machine, second, it would fix it could be obtained via mesos or reward points for larger duration, more quantity and for less reward points, best thing would be to give decent kishin or something like that too