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  • Which class to choose? Sun Man or Dark Boys?

    Ok so ima tell u what to do,follow mindlessly what i say ok? Why? Because thats what ure asking for: play demon slayer because yes, end of thread.
  • Belgian restrictions

    Cant wait for this law to come to the rest of europe so this gamble bullshit ends on all this type of games, im tired of spending a sht ton of dollars and the rewards being so random and shitty that i can end with even worse things than before or with not winning anything good at all, srsly if i want to gamble i go to a fking casino, not to a kids videogame
  • Allow ALL Exp / Drop buffs to persist upon dc

    Mvp legion and wealth and exp pots dont, which is frustrating as hell, specially when because of lag it pops the gm telling u uve been disconnected cuz of hack reason
  • Compensation for the last few days troubles?

    Thing is in the past nexon used to give nx clothes or maple points as compensation, or something more interesting than just a few coupons or power elixers, like a lot of event coins ,lvling pots, trait pots and such,nie they dont even give anything, they just say sorry for delay and thats it, i mean is fine to apologize but id like something more, after all we are the customers, keeping the customers happy is the key for success in any bussiness right? O.o
  • Maintenance Delayed..... Of Course


    Why doesn't Nexon test the updates anymore before taking the game down for 'scheduled' maintenance? asking for a friend =(

    in a memo they said that the patch itself doesnt take time but the testing is what takes so many hours, so yeh they do test iirc.
    But yeh, every single freaking maintenance theres a huge delay, ik things dont always go well but ffs, whats wrong with this company? In rainbow 6 theres was a patch where they deleted some stuff and introduced new members and maps and such and it took only 30mins! , 30! , this maple patch has taken 9hrs and a half already! and the game isnt life yet!