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  • Belgian restrictions

    Cant wait for this law to come to the rest of europe so this gamble bullshit ends on all this type of games, im tired of spending a sht ton of dollars and the rewards being so random and shitty that i can end with even worse things than before or with not winning anything good at all, srsly if i want to gamble i go to a fking casino, not to a kids videogame
  • Allow ALL Exp / Drop buffs to persist upon dc

    Mvp legion and wealth and exp pots dont, which is frustrating as hell, specially when because of lag it pops the gm telling u uve been disconnected cuz of hack reason
  • Compensation for the last few days troubles?

    Thing is in the past nexon used to give nx clothes or maple points as compensation, or something more interesting than just a few coupons or power elixers, like a lot of event coins ,lvling pots, trait pots and such,nie they dont even give anything, they just say sorry for delay and thats it, i mean is fine to apologize but id like something more, after all we are the customers, keeping the customers happy is the key for success in any bussiness right? O.o
  • Maintenance Delayed..... Of Course


    Why doesn't Nexon test the updates anymore before taking the game down for 'scheduled' maintenance? asking for a friend =(

    in a memo they said that the patch itself doesnt take time but the testing is what takes so many hours, so yeh they do test iirc.
    But yeh, every single freaking maintenance theres a huge delay, ik things dont always go well but ffs, whats wrong with this company? In rainbow 6 theres was a patch where they deleted some stuff and introduced new members and maps and such and it took only 30mins! , 30! , this maple patch has taken 9hrs and a half already! and the game isnt life yet!
  • Just my thoughts on current game as an old player

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    riza wrote: »
    I think I like the game better before. The reason why I feel that way? The game rn is a flexing contest. WHo got the best gear, arcane force and guild. Its an ego trip and the battle for popularity, reputation, etc. I think the game before you appreciated people and the game content.
    The game was this in the old days too. Don't pretend it wasn't. Everyone was rushing for 200 or if not 200 they were trying to outgear their friends with scrolls.
    "Battle for popularity" do you not remember all the people constantly begging for fame? The game is more or less the same in this regard.
    People partied and enjoyed the social aspect of the game. Rn, it's all about the money and stuff that just doesn't make it maple anymore. Maplestory was all about how your story was in-game, trials, challenges, friends, and your journey to 200. You had to really socialize to meet people and have a gang. It was overall a great game.

    This is somewhat the same as well. The focus is just on bossing and the journey to 250/275.
    Try watching youtube videos of people boss, there's plenty of social aspects left. The issue is that they're after 200, which is a real turn off for new players.
    Also for those people who don't mind slower but more social grind, those players are few and far between with no way to connect t
    Before it was easy enough because there were so few maps and mobility/AoEs weren't as good.
    Now the benefits from party play aren't as clear, and there are so many maps good luck running into one of these people that would actually use it.

    MapleStory is better than it has ever been. The community needs to let go of their nostalgia.
    Nexon needs to bring back certain stuff but that's not the same thing.

    Edit: Oh and.
    They should really create an old Maplestory server, and redevelop it slowly with effort, trying make masterpiece
    I'd suggest you don't mention that unless you want your threads locked and yourself banned.

    No one wants an old ms server because no one likes that or nearly no one,if it was relevant nexon would have made one long time ago, but they dont cuz people miss being young, not the game itself, the moment they try old maplestory as an adult theyll realise this and nexon doesnt want , in my.opinion at least, to invest in a game that after a few weeks of popularity, nearly no one will play because of slow progression , being static , spending too much time traveling around, low damage, extremelly long pqs etc etc