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  • Any Thoughts or Feelings on the new MVP Changes?

    They suck, im amazed how this even went through and live on test servers.
    The amount of greedyness nexon has is insane.
    I still defend that a subscription based mvp system( like 20-30-50 dollars per month) would attract way more customers, instead of only a few.
  • Please make Royal coupon's tradable between jobs

    More like make then tradeable within account
  • Bring Back Party Play Maps/Multiplayer Progression

    In the end u need to consider what people demands.
    If people only want to be strong and see high numbers, then u have to change the game towards that. I barely see people that want to travel and explore,they all want o progress as fast as posibble and be the stronguest as fast as possible. Pqs are very time consuming, which goes against fast progression and fast rewarding feelings. Thats why i think they nerfed it. These days u can get to 200 in a couple hours if u prepare for it, if u only did pqs that wouldnt be viable since u need to go tothe place , find people, do the pq, a lot of the times when pqs were a thingaalot of people didnt know how it worked, so u need to teach them, etc. Nowadays, players are adults now, they dont have as much freetime as they used to have pre big bang,when a lot of us were kids and didnt have much to do so if u make the progression more time consuming , people would directly quit. At least thats how i see it. And yes , progression is slow at the moment, but i think that is easier to progress if ure solo than if ure doing pqs, at least how the game is designed rn. If we radically change the design then it could work, like other mmorpgs like wow and such.
    Lets take lhc for example, sometimes,it took me 30-60 mins to find a party, when i was a kid i wouldnt mind ,but nowadays i have like 2-3 hours of play time, if i spend 1 hr looking only for a party id get bored/ annoyed and id simply lose interest and go watch netflix instead and quit the game. The game was strictly multipleyer before and if u couldnt find a party, solo progression was ****. Now its nice because if u dont find who to play u can always progress and play by urself. Id love for nexon to remove the pc meta though cuz for reboot not having a kish mule imakes u progress very slowly.
  • Idea for picking up items.

    I said it before and i say it now, i wouldnt mind paying like in WOW, 10 dollars a month if the game was optimiced to the maximun, there werent so many dcs,buggs, and some qol changes like this get implemented and nx stuff was obtainable through game without needing to pay real money.
  • Reboot or Normal Server for someone that works?

    If u ha e money and dont mind spending quite a lot on a game go normal server.
    If ure patient and dont mind taking ur time and like nice cosmetics but dont like to spend much, go reboot