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  • Reboot or Normal Server for someone that works?

    If u ha e money and dont mind spending quite a lot on a game go normal server.
    If ure patient and dont mind taking ur time and like nice cosmetics but dont like to spend much, go reboot
  • So how bout that memo?

    Yeh ,its pretty disappointing coming from such a big company as nexon and from the people that take care of this game that we all enjoy playing that instead of telling the community that they dont know how to fix it but that in the future theyll try to fix it, they tell us that its become a new feature.
    What will happen if a more serious issue isnt possible to fix? Will it become a new feature too?
  • Community Topic Regarding Suicide Kanna

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Feel free to hate me, I'm just here to tell Nexon that I think it's a good policy.
    I highly doubt anyone will agree with me and I'm not here to change minds.
    I just want Nexon to know that not everyone is mad about this.

    I dont hate u, but i dont understand y u defend a company that does nothing for the playerbase and only cares about getting more and more money.
    I understand that nexon is a company and needs money but what they dont understand is that a happy playerbase is willing to spend more money in a game than an unsatisfied one, with all the changes they make to the game it only does progession slower and more difficult with every patch they release and the end result of this is more people quitting the game and less people willing to spend money on it
  • Bye Bye Mesos Farming?

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Clear answer is now given. The logic behind it is I'm sure that death is supposed to be seen as a punishment.
    So even if losing EXP is what is supposed to happen when you die, you aren't supposed to turn that around to gain mesos faster.
    It converts the punishment into a reward, which isn't what Nexon intended to happen.
    darik wrote: »
    Well ure screwed now since nexon has come up with this smart idea that suiciding to stay on a certain level is a bannable offense, so good luck progressing as a new player on reboot. Oh and dont forget to buy our new royal hairs and boxes and spend 200 dollars just to not get what u were looking for

    Progression is still possible. Harder for sure, yes. But it's not like they've completely cut off new players.
    With Arcane River Symbols and Level Curves being adjusted to be easier, as well as StarForce etc,
    I would expect more changes in the future to help new players play the eternal game of "catch up".

    As far as spending money on the game, I wouldn't recommend new players ever do that except for maybe a sole pet.
    Take the time to see if you like the game before you drop a bunch of money on it.

    In the future,but what about the new players now? They are fucked,a lot of people started playing or came back from a long break to see Glory patch just to realized that either they spend a **** ton of hors playing daily or gl with progression,taking into account a job , family and such and progression in game is now non existant. You can say what u say cuz u probably are already very advanced in game but if u were starting just now u wouldnt be saying what ure saying now so calmly
  • Is it worth playing MS right now?

    Up till level 230-240 and 30k stat is fun, after that is extremelly boring, so up to you, up to that point progression is fine and decently fast, after that you need to invest a huge amount of time for little reward,progression gets extremelly slow