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  • Belgian restrictions

    Cant wait for this law to come to the rest of europe so this gamble bullshit ends on all this type of games, im tired of spending a sht ton of dollars and the rewards being so random and shitty that i can end with even worse things than before or with not winning anything good at all, srsly if i want to gamble i go to a fking casino, not to a kids videogame
  • Kinesis problem in Chu Chu PQ

    Lets go even further and change kinesis so that it doesnt grab any monster at all,like when bossing, cuz grabbing them is a useless mechanic tbh and its extremelly annoying
  • Auction House Search CD

    I read on reddit that hackers used to abuse AH with a hack to sell their items for the lowest price so i guess this slows them down a bit and makes it more annoying to them, but sadly also to legit players
  • a simple solution that could fix the 2pc meta.

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    darik wrote: »
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    darik wrote: »
    Patch wrote: »
    Yes, the whole 2 pc meta is trash but if Nexon wants to continue to have this in this game. Then they should at least allow us to open multi clients. That way you won't need to have 2 pcs anymore and can just open up 2 maplestories instead. Instead they force us to buy a frenzy, another pc, or have us use illegal means for multi client purposes. This is just silly and something should be done about this.

    I agree, i asked other friends that play a few videogames and they know none that requires 2 pc to fully enjoy the game, and whenever i tell them about this issue they are amazed about how dumb it is.

    but there is nothing like MS around...
    if other games offer advantage they will do it too it's "normal" thing to find all the way to get better & faster

    nexon was searching for ways for make money
    firstly we got spawn "nerf" as "bug" and not much time from that we got kish as "fix" but the real thing came month later as frenzy ultimate spawn for all
    it cant be changed now many did gamble their life saveings to get frenzy

    they didnt even let us have kished maps and just offer slighty better for frnezy gamblers $$$

    so it is what it is
    2pc or $$$ (who knows how expensive and rare will be untill it get return)

    To be honest is $$$or $$$ cuz if u dont have a 2nd pc u would need to buy one just to have a kanna kishing u , which is the dumbest thing design ive ever seen on a game

    true but 2nd PC/laptop aint expensive and its much more usefull so yea
    i see people spend 1k + just to get chance to win frenzy when they can buy eazy decent laptop for 400-500+

    before GMS decide to go fully p2w gamble and remove kish like all other that had kish

    Because frenzy is qn investment that cqn net u after some time of selling service even more money than it cost u to get it, u can sell service for dollars f.e or for mesos and net an amount that would take years to make which in the end makes it worth it to spend 2k to buy one, since 2k dollars is like 2 month salary more or less? Dont quote me on that not sure
  • Non-Reboot & Reboot problems coexisting in Forums?

    Well, theres a lot of differences in gameplay between both worlds, which makes some decisions good for 1 server but bad for the other hence having always people fight one another.
    Alao people being a jerk doesnt help at all, when u put a suggestiong people dont consider the differences , for example a reboot player may find hard something of the game and suggests an improvement but since non reboot players dont understand that issue since they dont play reboot, they inmediatelly reject the suggestion and the other way around.