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April 29, 1999
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I want it closed have fun with 1meso c-b% stat nebs "leg equipment to obtain these items"-fud. making ubsurd accusations with no evidence-fud. I give up but continue to debate pointlessly. you win
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I'm an artist.
  • Ditch the Forums, Update Ticket System

    The forums offer up lots of good criticism and when Nexon does follow the criticism, it improves the game and everyone is happy. Communication with the company like this is grand, and lets the community come together to share their ideas and experiences and even just interact with each other casually.
    It also allows the company to see how many people care about a certain thing. I could write more but eh...

    Overall, removing the forums would be a big misstep. Sure, there's a lot of needless complaining but removing everything, even the good criticism, is not a solution. It's just creating another problem.

    (By the way, the Community Manager, the person who rules over these forums, does not need to answer tickets and fix issues. Their job is to relay information from community outlets to the higher ups. It is quite literally their job to "respond to poorly put-together demands.")
  • Please don't get rid of Rants and Raves.

    I didn't find where it was said in the previous thread, and I know this may be locked, but I wanted it to be noticed.

    So, I saw Arwoo mention how he(?) wanted to get rid of Rants and Raves and instead just let people rant in General or Off-Topic. This is how things were before, actually.
    Back in the old forums, before these, we didn't have Rants and Raves at all. We ranted wherever it was suitable, but it made things more cluttered. Artasi, the Community Manager before KThxBaiNao, created the section specifically so we could rant as much as we wanted without cluttering up other sections.

    I feel like it would genuinely be a bad idea to get rid of a change like this and revert to what we had previously, a really long time ago. If you have to, keep it as a sub-section. I don't care. But please don't get rid of it, that rids the community (at least those around during the old forum days) of what they once asked for.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for making another topic.
  • Hiding stuff now, are we?

    I keep everything in my toolbar, so I didn't even notice.
  • Choco Buff (Nerf)

    Sorry man, but you reap what you sow.
    Careful what you wish for, you can't always have things go perfectly your way.
    Keyan the EvanZeldaOfHyrule
  • My yearly improvements, mk5

    Heyo! I did this on the old forums, and I'd link you if ya know... :^)
    BUT I do this yearly improvement thing where I draw Lotus every year (well every February)!

    Here is 2017's Lotus ;D
    I feel very satisfied. It was a lot of fun. Now I'm dead tired and haven't slept so goodnight. or morning its 10 am.