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April 29, 1999
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I want it closed have fun with 1meso c-b% stat nebs "leg equipment to obtain these items"-fud. making ubsurd accusations with no evidence-fud. I give up but continue to debate pointlessly. you win
About Me
I'm an artist.
  • Unfinished Class Idea ~Rapu~

    Hey hey! Decided I'd post this here since I have no plans on finishing it.

    I had wanted to make a magician Nova class, so I was brainstorming unique things that could make it interesting aside from the overly heard about norm.

    So, I made a girl who has great relation to the Black Mage. She attacks with her hair, and I wanted her speed to be a kind of middle between Kaiser and Angelic Buster.
    I worked super hard on matching Maplestory's art style, and this is a very old picture so. Her name is Rapu (kind of like Rapunzel, since she uses her hair to attack)
    I had worked on the plot to be something like she inherited a portion of his powers, if she decides to work for him. (So I guess she'd be a commander, kinda) She ends up being kind of a neutral character, in that she isn't good or evil and believes the Black Mage can be saved if you simply care for him, rather than sealing him away. So she uses his powers to help him, while at the same time believing if she mastered it she'd be able to save him.

    So yeah. Here's the sprite version of her I created:
  • My computer's near death experience

    I almost had a heart attack.

    Woke up today to do some stuff on my computer, and it was freezing a lot and irritated me so I decided to restart. But then, I had a unaccountable (?) boot time BSOD and I was like okay, I'll just try again in a few minutes.

    Didn't work. Called my mom cause I'm an idiot, and she tried several different things and that didn't work. I'm a digital artist, losing all of my stuff would actually break my heart. I felt incredibly sick, but my mom kept trying her hardest. Thankfully, she ended up fixing it, but apparently my computer has a load of corruption yet no virus's? I have no idea what happened, or how to fix corruption of windows files, but I'm about to get a new computer that's for sure.

    Why can't technology not break on us?
  • Old Maplestory nostalgia?

    *ahem* Now for a post in English.

    Something I really miss about the older days in particular was the subway party(?) quest which was basically an old-Ariant PQ styled quest you could only do until level 30. I found it a lot of fun! And while I do like the fast transportation of today's Maple, I did enjoy just talking to others on the ride to Orbis and other places. It's where I remember meeting one of my friends that basically started it all for me.

    I don't play the game anymore, but it's a very pleasant feeling I have when I look back at it all. I just wish I had a little more time to do things with the friends I used to have, and to punch my 10 year old self in the face.
  • Internet Explorer?!

    Listen, I understand that SOMEONE out there might be using this "browser," but I'm not. So when I end my game, I don't really enjoy seeing IE popping up telling me to vote on some survey thing. Except, it doesn't actually pop up and just stays in my processes forever until I force-end it. I'm pretty sure, or at least from what I'm aware, it does this on most of Nexon's games? Anyway, just make it so the poll opens in like a special Nexon window or in-game or, you know, my main browser. Because I hate IE. I know it's a small issue in comparison to others, but please.
  • Lucid


    Decided to draw best commander. I really like her design with long hair, so I chose to give her it back.
    I really enjoy her, and read up on her story and it was really good. I'd like an anime with just Lucid as the main character please.