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  • Black Friday Hot Week

    THIS IS how you welcome us... by forgetting Europe on all events. Me and every1 in my alliance didnt get any box. So? Maybe they are sleeping in GMS still?

    *sitting down in lotus position to wait for my box*
    yes, we feel very welcome -not-

    -joins the sit-in in lotus position, breaths in and slowly exhales-
  • Black Friday Hot Week

    Hey there!

    Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. We will look into addressing this ASAP.

    So uh, is it safe to assume we won't be getting the gift box for today in time and rather get it as compensation in the upcoming days? I don't feel like waiting online until midnight in case it suddenly pops up.
    Or set an alarm clock for 10 minutes before midnight UTC and check for the box then.
    If they do fix it this evening, chances are they will consider that good enough and not give you any compensation if you could not claim the box in the 4 (or fewer) hours it will have been available.
    We have been telling all day that the event is 'bugged' for Luna. It's not our bad that it gets noticed last moment.

    Seriously, setting the alarm in the middle of the night to check if the box is here? Some people have to work early in the morning.

    Can we have 2 boxes at tuesday instead please? and a notification that we didnt miss one day, so in the end we are still eligable for claiming entire week?
  • [Attendance] Europe players missing 1day

    I found out yesterday there was an attendance going on. Upon migration i checked forum to see if there were any particular such event was going on, but i didnt find it.
    Yesterday i finally took time to check everything on the left side and lol, there it was.

    Please give us all the missing time, including the spare days, so we can all have a go at finishing it :)
  • Coming from EMS? Introduce yourself here!

    Woop so many friends been posting ik this thread :D
    -waves to Dan-
  • Scheduled Minor Patch - November 10, 2016

    not to be mean to the EMS folks. but.. We never asked for y'all to come to our side. your the victoms atm of nexons lazy solution to giving you updates. and it just so happens this thing they are doing for you guys is interrupting our play time. just keep that in mind. @JenAskar and other misc. EMS players
    nope not mean
    just rude

    What is the matter with you people, we just got here and now already i have seen so many unfriendly reactions? never had any proper manners learned? So far for the welcome mmm